Monday , 15 August 2022

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Nigerian Airports for Concession not Privatization

THE Honourable Minister of State for Aviation had recently briefed the public and the industry stakeholders of government plans to concession certain airports to private investors as part of the larger plans to privatize some public enterprises. Following the Honourable Minister’s Briefings, there had been some emotional reactions from the public and more too from the aviation stakeholders who ordinarily …

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Response to NAAPE campaign of calumny against AIB

OUR attention has been drawn to another petition written by Nigerian Association of Aircraft Pilots and Engineers (NAAPE) in its series of petitions and malicious media attacks aimed at bringing down Accident Investigation Bureau (AIB). The management of AIB had initially decided to ignore NAAPE’s attacks and focus on its primary assignment but counsels from concerned members of the public …

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Airlines foreign exchange earnings and spending not scarcity of foreign exchange

THE present travails of the Nigeria Aviation industry, particularly the airlines are not about scarcity of fuel and the lack of foreign exchange; their travails stem from management structure, single ownership and poor financial management of local and foreign earnings, the recurring debts portfolios and the diversion of earnings to invest in other businesses. While the government service providers particularly …

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NAAPE’s response to article on AIB’s Engineer Diala

THE man we know as Engr.Chukwuma Emmanuel Diala and his positions in the Accident Investigation Bureau(AIB) cum ex-Nigeria Airways staff It is imperative to note that the sustainability of all the investigations and the running of the core functions of AIB has been the passion of the person of Engr. Chukwuma Emmanuel Diala the Director of Engineering in the Bureau, …

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Aviation stakeholders meet: matters arising

THE Minister of State for aviation should, as a matter of urgency, convene a Stakeholders’ Conference that will draft and present a National Civil Aviation Policy (NCAP}. We need the policy to tackle common bottlenecks to propel Nigerian aviation. The new policy should reflect liberalization and be pro growth. Some countries have done it. India’s new NCAP is designed to …

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Sirika moves to pilot Nigerian aviation to new heights

LAST Tuesday, September 13,2016,the  Minister of State, Aviation, Sen Hadi Sirika landed in Lagos from a trip and immediately moved to settle a trade dispute between Aero Contractors and its workers. When he got to the airline’s headquarters, the situation had even become worse as the workers were on a protest, over the shut down of operations amidst unpaid salaries …

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Demise of Nigerian Airlines?

THE Nigerian civil aviation industry and in particular, the domestic airlines are gradually collapsing like a pack of cards if the sustained media reports about its comatose state have not been controverted by both the operators both public and private, and even the regulator of the industry. It is better to voluntarily collapse them into manageable numbers for effective and …

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Audit IGR of NCAA, other agencies to justify forex concession to foreign airlines

Many Nigerians would welcome the decision of government to commence the audit of its parastatals. Apart from providing government the means of assessing the true and aggregate sources of public agencies IGR, this act will also revive the institution of fiscal discipline; ensure transparency and accountability in the management of public finance; curb wastages of public fund and reduce corruption …

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Aviation Intervention Funds – Get at the politically exposed banks and their allies in MDAs

  John O Ojikutu The average Nigerian commercial banks are generally known for declaring excessive profits in billions of naira in their yearly financial statement returns without evidence of considerable long-term financial investment on the industrial and commercial ventures or manufacturing. A critical examination and analysis of these banks equity and shares would show keen observers that the major investors …

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