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In support of FAAN’s Post Covid19 recovery and business continuity plan

AVIATION industry regulators such as International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), Airports Council International (ACI) and International Air Transport Association (IATA) have all put forward, various recommendations and templates for a post-COVOD 19 aviation business recovery road map, part of which are calling for serious government financial rescue intervention to support the industry recovery. In Nigeria, the outbreak of the COVID …

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Covid-19 and Aviation: Path to restart the sector after the pandemic

By Seyi Adewale THE magnitude and enormous effect of the Coronavirus COVID -19 caught almost every economy of the world by surprise. COVID -19, a contagious, variant strain of Coronavirus (in the family as MERS and SARS) is believed to have originated from the City of Wuhan in Hubei Province of China. This Coronavirus outbreak emanated from a local seafood/wild …

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Nigeria Tourism and Transportation summit: Not an event of death

By Wole Shadare THE screaming, “Nigeria Tourism and Transportation Summit: An event of death? article by Dr. Walter Mzembi published in eTurbo News on March 17, 2020 fits a pattern of tourism antagonism. It is disappointing because it lacked substance, largely generalizing and the pressing of panic button when there are no reasons to do so. The original April 27 and 28th​ 2020 …

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Sparing a thought for aviation development in Nigeria

I hope to see aircraft land in our airports at zero visibility. I hope to see the general aviation develop with small aeroplanes flown for several services including club flying, aerial mapping/photography, agricultural spraying flights, sporting flights, aerial journalism.

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Instrument Landing System: We all failed and embarrassed the nation

THE industry went into wild jubilation when the government announced in the last quarter of 2019 that it had purchased a new set of Instrument Landing Systems (ILS), CAT 3 to be precise for Lagos and Abuja airports respectively which were installed while the functional CAT 2 ILS in these airports were moved to other airports in the country. The …

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Capt. Akinkuotu: The Silent Transformer

IT is no longer news that since January, 2017 that Captain Fola Akinkuotu took over the mantle of leadership at the Nigerian Airspace Management Agency (NAMA) as the Managing Director, there has been continuous upgrade of the agency’s air traffic management services and procedures to guarantee safety of air navigation across the country. With that, there has been a lot …

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Nigeria Airline: When will we ever learn?

THE recent visit of Ethiopian Airlines CEO, Tewolde Gebremariam, to the capital city Abuja and the subsequent press interview granted by him has generated a lot of negative comments from stakeholders and industry players who found some of his comments and mission to Nigeria, offensive. What was offensive to players was his description of Nigeria airlines as being weak, and …

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Welcome back Senator Sirika, now roll those sleeves and get to it!!!

AVIATION social media sites and portals including Twitter and WhatsApp groups have been set agog with the reappointment of Senator Hadi Sirika as substantive Minister of Aviation, one of the best kept open secrets, the minute he made President Muhammad Buhari’s ministerial list. Congratulations from both genuine and political emissaries, we are sure, have inundated the minister’s timeline as the …

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Sirika’s commissioning of airport facilities nationwide

SHORTLY before the termination of the first tenure of President Buhari – led Federal Administration in May this year, the Minister of State for Aviation, Senator Hadi Sirika took a vivid look at the last four years in the aviation sub-sector and graphically enumerated achievements of the government just as he undertook a tour of the six geo-political zones of …

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Female pilots taking over the cockpit

Motivating factors for pilots are second to none if one considers that an average captain earns as high as $10,000 per month in the industry today. Of course you cannot earn that high in your first year as pilot but it is something that can happen within a few years as a pilot, all things being equal. It is also a highly dignified profession capable of rubbing away completely any iota of inequality or lack of self-esteem, especially for women in our third world environment.

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