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Passenger narrates how Air Peace found, returned lost wallet with valuable

DR. Chike Amobi, a passenger travelling on Air Peace Port Harcourt-Abuja flight last Saturday, has commended the professionalism of the airline’s staff, for finding and returning his lost wallet containing valuables intact which according to him, shows an incredible sense of duty and integrity.

Amobi, a lawyer, made the statement in a message he sent to appreciate the airline’s staff where he wrote: “A praise report! That’s what’s on my mind this Sunday afternoon for Air Peace, a domestic airline in Nigeria. I had a very good experience from them and feel obligated to report it here. Here’s what happened to me.

“Yesterday (Saturday), after a series of cancellations, delays and disappointments from other airlines, I managed to secure a ticket on board the Air Peace afternoon flight from Port Harcourt to Abuja. I was returning home after being inducted as a member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators United Kingdom (CIArb UK). In my haste to get home and get some familial pampering after having been away for a few days (absence does make a heart grow fonder) I forgot to retrieve my wallet from the pouch I had placed it in the seat in front of me.

“Naturally, a short while after getting home, a money spending need arose as is usual in the lives of all of us married with children. It was then I realized that my wallet was absent. The excitement and gratitude of getting home safely immediately gave way to the potential stress and hassle of losing one’s wallet. The smile immediately morphed into a frown. Battle mode activated.

“As my driver and I headed back to the airport to go begin what I imagined would be a world war, I surprisingly got a call from a man who introduced himself as ‘Captain Orasi,’ a pilot with Air Peace, telling me they recovered my wallet, they had already returned to Port Harcourt and they would send it to me on their first flight to Abuja the next day. That calmed me down somewhat. But a sense of cautious optimism still remained. Sure enough, today they did as they promised. And I have since recovered my wallet.

“Now here’s the kicker. My wallet and its contents fit the textbook definition of a ‘stealable item’. And excusably so. A black Hermes wallet containing about N80k in cash and miscellaneous items tucked away in a pouch in seat 2A of the business class cabin is literally shouting “Steal me”! Especially in this recession. N80k is not necessarily huge money in the global economy, it is really under $200. But here in Nigeria it is a sizeable wad. Especially in N500 bills. And I found everything intact.

“And remember, this is happening here in Nigeria, and coming on the heels of a viral video circulating on the world wide web where baggage handlers in JFK were caught on tape stealing from checked-in luggage. What struck me more was the numerous phone calls I received from the staff of Air Peace from the time they recovered my wallet to when I received it from them. They got my number from my business cards in my wallet. They first called to tell me they had the wallet. And then called to tell me I could go to the airport around 10 a.m. (They) later called to give me the name of the station manager in their Abuja office. And today, when their flight to Abuja was delayed, they called to inform me and to apologize for the delay. And a few minutes after I had received my wallet and confirmed the contents, I got yet another call from them to verify that I did indeed receive the wallet!

“Are you freaking kidding me? The scorching heat of the Abuja weather was my only reminder that this was happening here in Nigeria and not the TOM Bradley International Terminal at the LAX Airport in Los Angeles, California. It is not often that we hear such manifestation of integrity coming from corporate entities and individuals in Nigeria. I just felt it necessary to share this on this forum to show that despite the hard times and recession, Air Peace is still maintaining global best practices in its business operations. May God bless and give more peace and prosperity to Air Peace … Thanks in part to Air Peace, I can now happily be identified as Chike Amobi, MCIArb (UK). Happy Sunday, good people.”

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