Tuesday , 5 July 2022

Travel tips on safeguarding baggage and baggage management at airports

TRAVELLING for the first time? I am sure that when doing so one cannot help but try to be nice and courteous, which is in the nature of any well-bred Nigerian. However, one must be cautious in being courteous.
Knowing full well that there are predators, opportunists and a whole lot of other dangerous people at airports you have to be careful who you trust no matter how nicely dressed, handsome, beautiful or charming a person might be.

Let me tell a short story about, Nneka who was to fly onboard one of our carriers in its hey days , it was her first time and she had her ticket, visa and everything was check, while on the queue she met Annabel who was nice and sweet talking, they both started chit chatting.
They talked about the porous state of airport infrastructure, inefficiency of service providers, corruption within the security and a whole lot of others and during the conversation Nneka asked to use the rest room and for Annabel to look after her bag.
On return, there was no Annabel but thankfully her bag was there. It was during screening for the flight that substances tested positive for ephedrine  were found in her traveling bag and thus she was arrested by the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA).
The morale is simple: Be careful while embarking on your journey and guard your luggage jealously. There are some dangerous folks out there who would take advantage of you.
  • Ensure that you are close to your luggage at all times as this will help reduce the risk of people planting unwanted substances in your luggage to get you into trouble.
  • Make sure you report any unattended baggage you see lying around the terminal. It may be nothing but it is wiser to err the side of caution especially in this high volatile security age.
  • Most Nigerians like traveling with a crowd of people, this has its demerits because of congestion so during peak periods at the terminal however, you can have a family member with you who has got your back to help look out for you when you take a break.
Then if there are situations with ones baggage  relating to delays, damaged and lost baggage; claims can be enforced under the provisions of the Montreal Convention 1999 which has been domesticated in the Civil Aviation Act 2006.
If a traveling passenger faces any of the baggage related challenges the appropriate body to lay complaints with is the Consumer Protection Department (CPD) which is a division of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA).

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