Saturday , 13 August 2022

Three states to experience 15-day August break, NiMet predicts

NIGERIAN Meteorological Agency, NiMet has forecast that places like Edo, Delta and Enugu could experience an extension of the Little Dry Season effect.

The Little Dry Season (LDS), or commonly referred to as August Break, is a period of little or no rainfall activities common to areas with well-defined bimodal rainfall regime such as the southwestern region of Nigeria, usually spanning a period of at least 15 days.

However, as stated above, states like Edo, Delta and Enugu are likely to experience an extension of this LDS effect.

In a statement issued today, General Manager/Public Relations, Muntari Yusuf Ibrahim said that the LDS started 21st of July in the south western region such as parts of Lagos, Oyo, Ogun, Ondo, Osun and Ekiti states already experiencing significant effect of the LDS. Other areas are likely to have it fully established by the first week of August as predicted in the 2021 SCP.

Consequent upon the above scenario and the attendant effect it may have on the different sectors of the economy, most especially the Agricultural sector, the Nigerian Meteorological Agency has advised farmers in these areas to seize the opportunity to carry out harvesting/processing activities of crops planted while preparatory activities can commence for the second season.

Pruning and weeding of tree crop plantations such as cocoa and oil palm to enhance aeration prevent the build-up of pest and diseases as well as to enhance good harvest.

Construction workers are also advised to seize this opportunity to carry out construction activities and maintain existing ones.

The Health sector is not also ignored as the Agency says the drop in temperature, high humidity and rainfall can cause prevalence of diseases like Pneumonia. Malaria cases are likely to spike as well due to water clogged areas resulting from drop in rainfall amount, this could serve as favorable breeding ground for mosquitos. Hence, households should take all preventive measures and health care facilities should make adequate preparations to contain the probable break out of diseases.

For the entertainment industry as well as those in Event planning business, the Agency added that they can seize the opportunity to host outdoor activities such as project commissioning, sporting events, weddings and burial ceremonies etc.

The Nigerian Meteorological Agency remains committed to fulfilling its mandate of advising the government and the good people of Nigeria on climate and weather-related issues to forestall disasters associated with weather.  The Agency also promised to regularly update the country on changes in the weather and climate of the country as it unfolds.


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