Monday , 15 August 2022
Dana Air Deputy CEO, Sukhjinder Mann

Dana appeals to customers on March 1 disrupted flights, gives reasons, reparations, promises better


DANA Air has apologized over the airline’s recent flight disruptions to its clients saying that they were due to ramp congestion, bad weather and scarcity of Jet A1( Jet fuel), operational concerns that made it difficult to deliver.


The airline’s Deputy CEO, Sukhjinder Mann made this known in an apology to all who have suffered the recent disruption of services promising a better deal and offering affected passengers (on the 1st March, 2022) a complimentary ticket and a free Dana Miles card with 5,000 points already loaded on it as a way of saying sorry for the inconvenience .


The DCEO while explaining some of the operational concerns the airline faced said:


“On fuel scarcity, we are working with our partners to significantly mitigate the challenge and I am pleased to advise that we have made major inroads in this area with our key suppliers. We will continue to do our best to minimize any foreseeable challenges while hoping that the situation improves generally for all carriers as soon as possible.


” On ramp congestion and terminal infrastructure, we have commenced talks with the airport authorities on practical solutions to these issues. A slight delay due bad weather at destination or congestion due to inadequate aircraft parking space might cause extensive delays on all the flights an aircraft is scheduled to operate on that day.


” These are ongoing issues for us and all local Nigerian airlines, but better days are ahead as we remain committed to finding lasting solutions to these issues with the cooperation of the airport authority and terminal operators.”



He appealed for patience and understanding while the airline tries to solve the challenges.


On reparative measures put in place to pacify passengers, the airline said:


“For those cherished guests that have been inconvenienced on the 1st March, 2022 I would like you to get in touch with our call centre so that we can remedy the situation and make matters right for you.


“You are the reason we fly and since we let you down yesterday we would like to offer each affected passenger (on the 1st March, 2022) a complimentary ticket (matching the class of travel that you flew with us on) and a free Dana Miles card with 5,000 points already loaded on it for you to help you earn that next free ticket on Dana Air – it’s our way of saying sorry for the inconvenience caused to your travel plans and that you really matter to us. ”






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