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Azumili Blue River

Travel& Explore Nigeria: The Alluring Azumini River (The Blue River)

The magnetic and enchanting Azumini Blue River

FROM the Middle Belt region of the Plateau, Explore and Travel Nigeria is taking you down to an allure in the orient of Nigeria, the South East, and a place where nature’s beauty is truly evident and can be described as a breath-taking recreational site.

This River is called “The Blue River” because it is touted that there is no other river in Nigeria is as clear and blue as it is. Surrounded by beauty and nature, lush greens and cool water, the blue river also shows a more wild and dangerous side, especially where it reaches the majestic rapids. At the rapids is the breathtaking scenery that is part of its center of attraction.
Azumini Blue River offers tourists the greatest opportunity to explore Nigeria’s natural settings in a more urbanized way.
Its description is simple yet complex as its crystal-clear blue colour will catch your eyes from afar and its calm flow will most definitely attract swimmers and all those who love water to just let go and dig in plus if you love fish, you can go ahead and count the fishes you see in the clear blue water wagging away.

Some other relaxation activities that can go on there include canoe riding, picnicking, grilling barbeques and even sometimes beach parties.

The Azumini charm, simply breathtaking
One could see all the way to the white sandy bottom of the river several feet deep, even under moonlight. The river is most beautiful especially when the bright sunlight glistens on this river, it is pure immaculate. One can also see the very bright colourful stones and of its bed from the surface. The stones are so clear and clean that the Aba Glass industry uses them as raw materials for their products.
Additional beauty
The river is complimented by another site, where one can stand and enjoy a full glare of the beauty of the Azumini River, Azumini Hill.
 The Azumini hill provides a breathtaking view from the top to look down the low-lying beautiful valley of Azumini. In fact, this hill is the only significant hill in all of Ndoki, since Ndoki is basically known as a fertile low-lying land. Story has it that the fore bearers rested on the hill, from where they saw the golden flowing river, as well as the fertile land. And since they were searching for a good land, nobody needed to convince them that they had come upon a very special one. Thus, they came down the hill, crossed the river by foot and settled in their numbers, as far as their eyes could see. Thus, the Community by the River (as the name Azumini implies) was born.
This river has become a resort and attraction for tourists because of the beauty, pleasantness of nature that the place offers.
The Azumini Blue River is a tourist site with huge prospects. The State Government, Local Government, and the Community in general welcome investors, to invest and make the Azumini Blue River the true tourist site that it is. This will further develop the Community in every wise, especially economically, as it will help create job opportunities for many.
Former Director General, Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation (NTDC), Mrs. Sally Mbanefo visited Azumini Blue River in 2014, stating that the River is a blessing to the good people of Azumini and Nigeria in general. There is no doubt the need for the development of this natural tourist centre with such facilities as Five Star Hotel, Beaches, Car Park, Boats and Canoes among other facilities.
This Blue River is located in Umuahia Ibeku, Abia State and shares common land boundary with Akwa lbom State.

Azumini is an ancient junction community of Ndoki, located on the south-south eastern corner of Abia state, about 15 miles south of Aba, a major trading center. And also bounded to the North by a village known as Akanu, on the west by the village of Umuogo which is across the Azumini blue river and on the South and East by the Annangs. The Annangs are positioned east of the Aba-Azumini River which empties itself into the Imo River after a village called Akpala.

Canoeing on the Blue River is on its own an adventure
as you see the fish in the water
The river has astonishing diversity of historical or significant sites. These sites would certainly fascinate a tourist to this ancient African settlement. The historical and significant of the sites are, however, not the only items that might intrigue the tourist to Azumini; some of Azumini’s rare wild lives are also fascinating and entertaining.
It is said that archeologists who have studied the area have determined that it is 15 m above sea level. Although flat, nature has ensured that the river is kept well drained. The river valleys are steep with 1 in 20 gradients. It has three major stretches: they are Mini Obuaku, Mini Ogigo and Aba to Samanga. It is held that the blue river was one of the major reasons, or perhaps the major reason, why Azumini ancestors settled in the present location after they left their original home in central/eastern Ijo (Ijaw) as captured in history. 
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