Tuesday , 27 July 2021
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Nigeria’s MRO under capacity: Is government doing enough?

Government cannot be thinking of concession of a part of commercial aviation and still want to keep another; again, you cannot be a regulator of the industry and still be sole operator; either it excised itself from the ventures or be minority shareholder of not more than 20%; foreign technical and financial investors 30%; credible Nigerian investors 30% and the balance of the 20% for the Nigerian public.

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Why prospective airline investors spend more time obtaining AOCs

“It’s a good thing to desire to come onboard. I’m only explaining to you because in the past we have had cases where one or two intending operators come out to say NCAA is delaying for tribal and sentimental reasons. It is not so, this process is a black and white thing, what you need to do in one phase to go to second, second to third, you fulfill it and the team that are in charge work as a team, it is not by the director general at any particular time. It’s a team of engineers, airworthiness inspectors, medical it’s a team and nobody can influence the other."

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