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Prof. Matazu harps on heeding early warnings to safeguard lives during flood


PROFESSOR Mansur Bako Matazu, the Director General/CEO of Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NiMet) is again advocating early action to curtail risks with regards disasters induced by floods during the rainy season emphasizing that there are warnings available

He also charged Nigerians from all walks of life to study the 2002 Disaster Risk Management by NEMA for proactive decisions and policies that will help avoid losses and risks associated with floods.

Professor Matazu who is also Nigeria’s Permanent Representative with the World Meteorological Organisation ( WMO) made this known in his public presentation of the Disaster Risk Management Implications of the 2022 Flood Predictions where he urged preparation against upcoming force majeure which will occasion most of the inclement weather.

He attributed all to the climate change, a global reality and attendant impacts that is now evident locally explaining that over the last three decades, Nigeria has witnessed tremendous increase in temperature and rainfall amount with increased occurrences of high intensity, short duration thunderstorms which are always accompanied by strong winds and flash floods. Hence, the essence of early warnings and impacted-based predictions.

According to the NiMET DG, the agency on 15th February 2022 released the Seasonal climate Prediction (SCP) for the year with its attendant socio-economic implications.

He stressed that efforts to produce the prediction and release it to the public with sufficient lead-time, is part of NiMet’s Early Warning drives and for stakeholders, policy makers and the entire populace to take advantage of the prediction and advisories for adequate climate smart and weather-wise plans and decisions.

He said,”For the year 2022, the rainfall has already been established in all southern states and most part of the central states in line with the predictions. Just a month away, rainfall is expected to have been established across the country.

“The rainfall amount is generally expected to be normal in most places, however, short duration, high-intensity rainfall that characterised the onset months usually comes along with flash floods due to excess runoffs and disastrous wind gusts.

” In-season, likely flood occurrences as a result of cumulative rainfall and other factors as highlighted by NIHSA must be taken seriously.

“I therefore call on the States, the Press, private entities, and all Nigerians to carefully consider the 2002 Disaster Risk Management by NEMA for proactive decisions and policies that will help avoid losses and strengthen mitigation, adaptation and reduction of risks associated with floods.” Matazu said.




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