Tuesday , 5 July 2022
Port Harcourt Airport airside

Port Harcourt Runway: NCAA says no reports on safety issues but will investigate concerns raised

DIRECTOR General, Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA), Captain Musa Nuhu has  said the regulatory agency is not aware of anything unsafe about the Port Harcourt International Airport Omagwa Runway but that it will  carry out an investigation just to make sure.

Nuhu made this known while reacting to concerns raised by some stakeholders at a recent conference in Abuja that the airport runway needed total shut down for proper resurfacing.

These stakeholders including former pilots maintained also that the lack of a central light at the runway was making night flight into the airport dangerous, more so, as too much rubber on the surface of the runway was also making it to retain so much water to the extent that when rain falls, aircraft lose balance and skid off the runway.

Director General who was just returning from a tour at the Murtala Muhammed Airport Lagos however said there was no organization or country for that matter that did not have challenges but what was important is tackling them head on when they are discovered.

“I have not received any issues from Port Harcourt Airport and neither have I received any such issues from my regional manager Port Harcourt who sends me messages on a daily basis on the activities of the airport. However having said this as the MD FAAN said, we would do our investigations, we don’t hide things.

“There is no place or no organization or no country that does not have challenges, what is important is that when you discover the challenges or it comes to your notice, you work on resolving it and that is the most important thing, but for now I am not aware of anything unsafe in Port Harcourt but we’d still look into it, ‘id demand a report from my station manager, we’d do an inspection and if there is anything they would let us know. We’d work together with the management of FAAN to resolve it.

He said the NCAA was a partner in progress and would work with industry stakeholders as part of the reasons the CAA was in Lagos is to further show that resolve by partnering with FAAN in solving challenges at the MMA.

“In fact, it is still part of the collaborative effort, the new paradigm shift between NCAA and the industry including the agencies we hope working together, we are not policemen anymore, we are partners in progress and that is the reason why we are here together to look at the difficulties and the challenges faced by Murtala Muhammed Airport Lagos which is the premier gateway in Nigeria the largest airports in Nigeria that carries almost 70% of the passengers. Almost all the passengers are from Lagos.

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