EDO State Governor, Godwin Obaseki has called on the country to follow the lead of other countries and declare a national emergency on illegal and irregular migration stating that the challenge has gone beyond just movement as it affects the economy, infrastructure as well as the human capital of the country and Edo State in particular.

Speaking yesterday at Annual Comptroller Generals Conference 2019 holding in Edo State with theme: Migration in a Developing Economy: The Role of NIS, Mr. Obaseki said that the issue of Nigeria’s relaxed border have come up over and over again and that the country should look at what others are doing to stem the trend.

“The issue of our relaxed borders have come up over and over again and that is because there are over 1,490 illegal entry points into our country. These account for the illegal migrants in our country because of how easy it is for these people to access without documents. Many of them now own voters card making it impossible to identify”

According to him, many of the countries faced with this migration challenge have made it a national challenge and some have taken drastic steps like building walls, beefing up border security while others are trying to remove themselves from membership of continental blocks to stem the problem.

He said, “The issue of migration is not one you can turn a blind eye to especially as countries around the world are taking definitive positions on their migration policies in order to protect their and grow their economy…. not having a clear migration policy that has developed its roots from a clear economic policy is something no sensible country can afford.

“Edo state, he said,” has not been left out of the migration problem. A good number of our sons and daughters have because of a lack of opportunities at home, fled to places like Libya, Spain, Italy and many other parts of Europe in search of greener pastures, these activities have put a brain drain challenge for the country of origin and Edo state in particular.

“And has posed an immigration challenge for the transit country and a huge infrastructural and material challenge for both countries so you can see how illegal and irregular migration affects all.

He commended the Nigeria Immigration service(NIS)for the platform for harmonization of stakeholders’ thoughts and ideas which, according to him, will translate into better policies.


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