Sunday , 14 August 2022
Assistant Comptroller General Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) Zone A, Doris Braimah

NIS reels out nation-building contributions says passport issuance just 5% of functions

ASSISTANT Comptroller General Zone A of the Nigerian Immigration Service ( NIS), Mrs Doris Braimah during the week rolled out various achievements and contribution of the service to the nation staring that Immigration functions goes beyond issuance of passports as erroneously portrayed.

Mrs. Braimah who was at the Passport Office in Ikoyi stated that passports only make 5%of the 100% of immigration functions and although important, not the sum total of the network of activities the service carries out.

The ACG highlighted migration management, migrant e-registration, border management and Migrants Information Data Analysis System (MIDAS) as dome key things the service handles

She explained:” Most people feel immigration is all about passports, no! Passports are just a minute aspect of the service. I was talking to the PCO this morning and I said unfortunately most people don’t get to meet the PCO before making up their minds but I would urge us to go to hone PCO for a full detail of any information.

A lot of you focus on passports, passports are not the only thing. I was part of those did the migrant e-registration, and you’re here putting cameras on passports passports are only 5% over 100 of immigration functions. Border strategy, beautiful concept, visas, beautiful policies coming out and you are worried about passports, passports are not a big deal.

On the other key duties of immigration, Mrs. Braimah explained that there is a lot the service is doing which has not been projected but the intricate importance of these functions cannot be underplayed.

She said,”Take for instance immigration was not at the border, what will befall of the country? People will walk in and walk out. Sometimes they feel the service is not doing anything but take them off the various exit point  and at the end of the day you’d find that you’d have a very porous border and very riotous border.

“Even identification, you wouldn’t even know who is who, anybody can just walk in from anywhere without anybody identifying the person.”

On e- registration, she said the goal was to have a comprehensive data base for the nation explaining that that was the reason about 194 nations met in Marrakech, Morocco in 2018.

She said,” I was in Morocco where she had the programme on global migration in 2018 in Marrakech and about 194 nations in that conference and what the UN Secretary General was hammering on was data. Data is the beginning of everything and do for us to have anything falling in place we must have a comprehensive data, who is a Nigerian who is not a Nigerian.

“That will guide you into planning and making arrangement for other things like social welfare and if you don’t have a data you can’t do that and that is what the service has embarked on, so we are able to separate the Nigerians from the Non-Nigerians, it is still ongoing, it is not a one day thing but we are on it and on track.”

On border management, she said the NIS has come out with a good policy and the next stage of it is implementation.

She also spoke highly of the Migrants information Data Analysis System (MIDAS) installed at the airport and its various uses

She said,”I have to tell you what the MIDAS did for the nation during height of COVID is unbelievable. You find that when it came to tracking of persons that had come in, the Port Health reverted to immigration and we were able to give them exactly where these people were, so these are some of our contributions.”

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