Sunday , 14 August 2022
Alexandre de Juniac

IATA predicts $84 billion in losses for airlines this year, emphasizes need to avoid quarantine

ACCORDING to the International Air Transport Association (IATA) forecast on Tuesday, airlines are set to lose $84 billion this 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic which has put airlines in one of the deepest financial crisis

This is just as the body is kicking strongly against quarantining of passengers when the borders are open as 80% of travelers have indicated t5hat they will not travel if they will be quarantined.

The worlds airline body  in a submission by its Director General, Alexandre de Juniac , predicted a further  $16 billion in 2021 stating that with most of the world’s airliners currently parked, revenue would likely fall to $419 billion from $838 billion last year.

de Juniac made this known at the IATA Media Briefing on COVID-19, 09 June stating, “The losses this year will be the biggest in aviation history—over $84 billion in 2020 and nearly $16 billion in 2021. By comparison, airlines lost $31 billion with the Global Financial Crisis and oil price spike in 2008 and 2009. There is no comparison for the dimension of this crisis.”

He went further to explain the disadvantages that would follow quarantining of passengers stating that screening measures and other precautionary guidelines would help identify and prevent symptomatic people from flying.

De Juniac said,“The third point that I want to emphasize is the need to avoid quarantine. Screening measures at departure should prevent symptomatic people from flying.  Precautionary measures through the journey—social distancing, better sanitization and mask-wearing when social distancing is not possible—will keep people safe when traveling. And effective contact tracing on arrival should limit the risks of asymptomatic travelers creating new clusters.

“This layered approach should give governments the confidence to re-open borders without quarantine measures. Quite frankly, if quarantine is introduced economies are effectively kept in lockdown for the purposes of travel. Over 80% of travelers tell us that if quarantine is imposed, they won’t travel.

“We are encouraged to see the very fast developments in accurate mass testing capabilities for COVID-19. As confidence in testing grows, we see the potential for it to play a pivotal role in keeping borders open without quarantine.”

The IATA boss had earlier said that the body’s research shows that people will return to flying as soon as borders open.

“That is why we worked for and strongly support ICAO’s take-off plan to re-start aviation. We must be prepared for the eventual recovery with global measures that are universally implemented. That will give governments the confidence to open borders. And it should give passengers the confidence to fly.” He encouraged.


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