AFTER a year of tedious planning and intense schedule coordination Nigerian airlines: Ibom Air and Dana Air signed into existence a code share agreement, the first of its kind in the Nigerian aviation industry, to boost both airlines’ profitability in a highly competitive domestic market

The codeshare agreement tagged: Dana-Ibom Alliance was signed at the Victor Attah International Airport Uyo corporate Headquarters of Ibom Air today Friday May 21, 2021.

The pioneering agreement affords Dana air and Ibom Air a business arrangement whereby both airlines jointly offer flights to common destinations, while operating services to destinations that are not within each airlines regular routes. By doing so, both airlines expand their market presence and competitive footprint in the interest of the flying public. READ ALSO: Experts dissect pros, cons of interlines and codeshares for aviation industry

Speaking at the event, Chief  Executive Officer of Ibom Air, Mr. George Uriesi stated that a code share between two airlines is highlighters benefits of the alliance including increased capacity and frequencies into shared destination as well as providing options for the travelling public.

“With the initiation of this business alliance, both airlines have embraced a key global best practice. At Ibom Air, our business model and unwavering commitment remains schedule reliability, on- time departures and excellent service. Hence we are constantly on the lookout for better and more effective ways to serve our customers.

” it took finding the right partner with the same mind set as yours. With the same philosophy committed to provide the basics to the customers, schedule realibility, on-time performance and excellent service essentially the philosophies that tie the two airlines. And I am happy to say Dana

“We are very hopeful that this the beginning of a new and better way of doing business in our country and we are looking at a very fruitful alliance that hopefully other airlines will join in with us or start something. We are very happy about this, Ureisi said in an introductory remark

Also speaking, Accountable Manager/ Chief Operating Officer of Dana Air, Mr. Mbanuzuo said” This discussion started about a year ago and we are happy to be here today, formalising it. This is the first of its kind for domestic airlines in Nigeria and a huge step in the right direction for both Dana Air and Ibom Air.”

” Just as George said, these are two airlines that have the same philosophy, the same mindset the customer at the centre of everything. So that is one thing that aligns us, it is all for the benefit of the customers. We have work to do, we have to reeducate ourselves, even the airports that we use we also have to reeducate but I’m sure as time goes on, it would get better.

A code share is an agreement where airlines operate flights on behalf of another airline, or coordinate passengers with an itinerary that uses multiple airlines, without having to check in again using one airline’s flight code.

One of the biggest challenges to Codeshares and interlines among Nigerian airlines has always been integration between two carriers with similar business cultures so as to have perfect blend of workforce, which has to mix and both airlines have been able to factor and surmount that challenge.


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