Sunday , 3 July 2022
Alhaji Masud Bashir

Cardinal Airlines seeks ATL planning operations before Q3

CARDINAL Airlines Limited has applied for its air transport license (ATL), and has reached advanced stage as the promoters are working round the clock to ensure that the airline resumes domestic operations before the end of the third quarter.

The airline may also be bringing in short haul aircraft such as embraers and ATRs as it seeks certification to start operations in Nigeria.

The Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of Cardinal Airlines, Alhaji Masud Bashir declared that cardinal Airline will bring the cost of air travel to a reasonable level when it eventually starts operations.

Alhaji Masud, a real estate guru, also stated that he was moved to go into the venture to bring succour to the Nigerian air travelers who have had to suffer untold hardships of coping with the astronomical fares currently charged by domestic airlines.

He disclosed that his airline will have its operational base in Abuja but will operate to all airports across the country adding that he was aiming to take off with four aircraft and later increase the fleet as operation progresses.

“It is unfortunate that the indigenous airlines are taking undue advantage of the prevailing insecurity in the country to exploit travelers with exorbitant fares”. He said, stressing that Cardinal Airlines will charge affordable air fares to encourage more Nigerians to travel by air.


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