Wednesday , 17 August 2022
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Covid-19: Max Air staff in for hard times as airline suspends remuneration

MAX Air has said that for the two-week duration stipulated by the Federal Government to lock down, it will not be able to provide remuneration for its staff and if the situation persists, the same would apply.

In a letter to staff obtained by Nigerianflightdeck, the airline expressed hope for  normalcy to return after the 14 days so it can review the subject matter and compensate staff in line with services rendered.

The letter read,”In compliance with the Federal government’s directive to lock down nearly all activities in the country with exception of essential services essentially to control spread of the pandemic – Covid-19, this has forced Max Air Ltd to shut down its operations.

“It is regrettable to inform all staff that Max Air Ltd will not be able to further provide remuneration for the duration stated by the Federal Government and if the situation persisted, the same applies as well.

“We hope that things will go back to normal after the fourteen (14) days as directed by the Government; and that operations will resumes immediately.

“Accordingly, Max Air Ltd. will then review this subject matter and ensure that all staff are compensated as appropriate in line with services rendered.

“While thanking you for your resilience and understanding, be law abiding at all times, take care and stay safe during and beyond this trial period,” the letter concluded.

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