Tuesday , 5 July 2022
Chairman Air Peace, Allen Onyema with Super Eagles Captain Ahmed Musa after arrival from Cape verde

Ahmed Musa says Onyema’s unity speech pivotal to Eagles’ win in Cape Verde

SUPER Eagles Captain Ahmed Musa has recounted how the unity speech of the Chairman of Air Peace, Allen Onyema led the team to a 2-1 victory against Cape Verde on Tuesday saying that he was inspirational to victory.

Musa who earned his 100th cap on the day said that it was good that Onyema fulfilled his promise but what motivated the team to win even against daunting odds was his passion while speaking of the country’s unity when he addressed them on their way to Cape Verde.

The Air Peace Chairman had reminded the players that they carried on their young shoulders the aspirations of Nigerians and charging them to play for the country’s unity stating that football is one key factor that brings Nigerians together.

He added that during the game the citizens forgot their differences, their tribe, their religion and identify with the green and white of the nation.

Onyema also told the players that they have enormous responsibility, as fate has given them the burden of using their talent to rebuild that patriotic zeal that made Nigeria one.

“You are not only going to play football match, you are going to carry the aspirations and the hope of a nation that is almost in distress. Football is a unifying factor in our country. That is why we decided to key in to associate with you at this period in time because we want to restore hope to our nation,” Onyema had charged the players on their way to Cape Verde.

Musa said that when the players were one goal down they remembered the unity speech and became more determined to win the game.

The Captain, who also said he enjoyed flying the Air Peace brand new E195-E2 aircraft, thanked Allen Onyema for his kind gestures towards the team.

Onyema while congratulating the players on the second win in their World Cup qualifiers campaign, charged them to also emerge victorious in their subsequent games.

He expressed delight that the Eagles did not disappoint the nation, adding, “We believe in your capabilities and have faith in you”.

“I am happy that you fulfilled your promise to the nation, knowing that you carry the aspirations of Nigerians on your young shoulders. When you were one-zero down, everybody was panicking. Everybody was praying. And you responded like lions and won the match. There were celebrations all over the country- North, South, East and West”, he said.

The nationalist implored the team to keep up the winning streak and continue uniting Nigerians with their pitch exploits.

He added that Air Peace believes in the team and will continue to support them to take Nigerian football to greater heights.

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