Tuesday , 5 July 2022
Assistant Comptroller General in charge of Zone A, ACG Olakunle Gabriel Osisanya in a handshake with Comptroller of Lagos State Command, CIS MD Bagiwa pcc

ACG Zone A visits Lagos Command, says appointment system will create order at passport offices


ASSISTANT Comptroller General in charge of Zone A, ACG Olakunle Gabriel Osisanya has paid a working visit to Lagos State Command where he charged officers to dutifully protect the newly implemented appointment system for Passport applications introduced by the Service in conjunction with the Ministry of Interior.


The visit which forms part of his inaugural tour of all Commands and Formations under Lagos Zone is designed to give the ACG a first hand assessment of the challenges and needs of the entire Zone.


According to the ACG, the appointment system gives the Service enough time to verify documents presented by applicants as against the rumours that it is a ruse to conceal the NIS’ inability to provide booklets as demanded by the public.


The Zonal Coordinator who was received by Comptroller of Lagos State Command, CIS MD Bagiwa pcc rehashed the Ag Comptroller-General, Idris Jere’s cardinal objectives and stressed on how the introduced appointment system will bring sanity to passport processes nationwide and particularly at the command.


He explained, “The appointment system as currently implemented, is working as it has created order and reduce the stress mileage of Passport Processing Officers triggered by the rowdiness that was the norm in all Passport Control Offices before the appointment system.


The Zonal Coordinator also admitted that the challenges resulting from the appointment system due to fact that the auto-generated appointment dates assigned to some applicants may be too long but assured that the top echelon of the Service is currently exploring measures to address the challenge.


“The appointment system gives the Service ample time to verify the veracity of the documents presented by applicants as against the rumours that it is a pretext to mask our inability to provide booklets as demanded by the public”, he said.


In his welcome address, the Comptroller of Lagos State Command, CIS MD Bagiwa pcc promised to consolidate on the accomplishments of his predecessor who he said, “initiated several Corporate Social Responsibility sponsored projects which has significantly improved the conditions of the Command’s Provisional and Annex Office complexes.”


CIS Bagiwa expressed his “determination to ensure that the completed projects are duly maintained and optimally utilised as much as possible”.

He declared his resolve to explore avenues that’ll facilitate the improvement of the Command’s Provisional and Annex Facilities, wherever and whenever necessity demands.


He admitted that infrastructure wise, the Command is in a better condition than he left when he previously served here, and promised to ensure he will leave it in a better condition when his tenure his over.


The Comptroller assured the Zonal Coordinator that he will ensure the nearly completed Personal Training and Resource Centre, (PTRC) constructed by the International Organisation for Migration(IOM) will serve the purpose as intended for.


He disclosed that,” the ever evolving digital transition of our services demands that all officers and men of the Command must take full advantage of the Centre to update their knowledge and keep pace with the evolving trends in our ever dynamic operating environment.”


The visit was concluded after a guided tour of the entire infrastructure of the Command.




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