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  • NCAA management distances DG, rep from attending conference

AS the Air Transport Senior Staff Services Association of Nigeria ( ATSSSAN) is set to hold their branch elections at the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority( NCAA), there is tension and unease as the disqualification of one of the candidates, Yahaya Danjunma is causing an uproar.

This is just as the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority( NCAA) has written the ATSSSAN leadership distancing the director General Captain Musa Nuhu and any representative from attending the conference and directed it should not hold within any NCAA premises.

Danjuma was screened out of the 2022 elections on Tuesday May 10th 2020 as the committee in charge determined that he was. Not eligible to contest having failed to meet Rule 10(v) and ( viii) of the ATSSSAN constitution.

The information making rounds is that the ineligible contestant seems to hold sway among the delegates and some internal wrangling may have been the reason for his being tagged ineligibile.

Even the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority( NCAA) which tried to mediate in good faith put up proposals that were rejected in a bid to forestall any dispute

There is also an allegation that the elections today will be rife with strife and violence as some supporters may have decided to wreak havoc at the venues which has led the management of the NCAA to withdraw the attendance of the director general or any representative to the conference.

The NCAA also directed that the delegates conference / election of new executives should not hold within any of the building/ premises of the MCAA and that the NCAA will not accept responsibility whatsoever for the consequences of any breach of peace, breakdown of law and order or destruction of property during the conference.

The candidate, had on May 16, 2022 in company of six other unionists wrote a petition to the Deputy General Secretary of ATSSSAN calling for a care taker committee to be set up pending when the issues around the proposed elections would be resolved.

The petition hinged its grouse stating that a new electoral committee set up to conduct the election disqualified two aspirants that had been screened and cleared to run.

The petition also stated that the former electoral committee which was dissolved March 29, 2022 had clarified that complaints that were made against the candida tire of Danjuma were faceless and therefore lacked merit so they were set aside, while the new committee relied on same petition to disqualify the two contestants

The committee was inaugurated 19th January, 2022.

As it stands ATSSSAN is yet to procure a venue for today’s conference and it is yet to be determined if the conference will still hold following the current brouhaha.


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