Saturday , 13 August 2022
President ART, Sabre Network West Africa, Elder Gabriel Olowo

Olowo tells airlines to sell tickets with Jet A1 trend; charges NCAA to intensify vigilance

PRESIDENT of the Aviation Safety Round Table Initiative ( ASRTI) Dr Gabriel Olowo is advising airlines to sell what they buy following the galloping prices of Jet A1 also known as aviation fuel and how all through this year, it has affected airline operations and finances.

This is just as he has called for increased vigilance of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) and stressing that a price increase is better than negotiating safety by cutting corners.

NigerianFLIGHTDECK during the week reported continue to on a new price regime for Jet A1 stressing that in different states of the federation a litre of the product has shot over 800/litre. READ MORE: Aviation unions pledge solidarity with ASUU; threaten FG with shutdown July 26th, 27th

Our portal reported that Jet A1 in Lagos sells for N822 per litre while in Abuja the product sells for N859.

In Port Harcourt Jet fuel sells for N852 per litre while it sells for N890 and N892 in Yola and Maiduguri respectively.

Olowo in his communication titled: Sell what you buy advised that given all the uncontrollable circumstances within the aviation set up airlines should factor in their extra costs but stressed that prices will increase but it beats the alternative of cutting corners. READ MORE: Airlines write FAAN, critique extra Jet A1 cost incurred due to 18L closure without evidence of work

He said, “This is my candid opinion to Airlines, given these uncontrollable factors of production in the Airline Industry sector. Demand will definitely drop but much
better than cut corners and plan an accident.

“If a trip fuel is 4000litres for a one hour on jet (LOS-ABV) for example at N800 per It which gives N3,200,000 and a load factor of 100 passengers, This means fuel cost per passenger is N32.000 and this is approximately 30% of total cost.

“This will translate to N107.000 tariff for one way journey QED.

“PHCN has introduced Premium Tariff on power and those who can afford it are settling for it. This is not the time for frivolous and reckless competition nor uneconomic patriotism. Operators should intensify cooperation, collaboration, consolidation, prune schedules to
minimize perishable seats and maximize load factor.

“The spirit of Spring Alliance must be strengthened.

“The sector must not negotiate an accident. NCAA is encouraged to be more vigilant to watch cutting corners.

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