Tuesday , 17 May 2022
Acting Comptroller General Nigeria Immigration Services( NIS) Idris Jere

NIS reacts to resurfaced video, sensitizes public on visa administration, clearance at entry ports


THE Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) has reacted to a re-trending video of an alleged incident involving an out-bound passenger at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport Ikeja Lagos sometime in August 2017 stressing that the said video resurfaced to dent the image of the service


This is just as the service has explained that Visa, as one of the strongest tools in modern migration management remains a conditional approval granted to a migrant by a government allowing the holder to enter, remain, work or to leave a certain territory within a given period of time.


Acting Comptroller General of Immigration Service, Isah Jere Idris who reacted to the video in a statement signed by

Assistant Comptroller of immigration Service and

Public Relations Officer, Amos Okpu( mnipr) said the Service would have ordinarily ignored the re-trend but for the need to inform unsuspecting members of the public that the re-trending of the video is the handiwork of mischief makers dissipating their energy to portray the Service in bad light


The statement read,” Suffice it be mentioned that the said incident was subjected to full investigation by all the agencies at the airport then. During the investigation, so many facilities including the CCTV system were deployed to unravel the veracity of the claims but nothing of such was found.


“It is however, unfortunate, that some persons now find it relevant to embark on a re-trend of an unverifiable incident of 2017 in 2022 for reasons best known to them.


” Nevertheless, it is important to state that a new dawn has begun in the Service and great efforts are being directed at enhanced reforms that would reposition the Service to a very responsive and proactive agency fully committed to transparent service delivery.


” The Service is poised to consistently ensure that it places robust migration facilitation processes and systems across Frontiers to enable visitors have pleasant experiences at our Controls


” To this effect, the Service has continued to deepen its public engagement exercises to create enriched understanding of its processes and procedures by prospective visitors and the public at large.


” It has made some considerable progress in its visa reforms efforts and wishes to assure that it will fairly and justly implement the Visa reforms in line with best practice. As one of the strongest tools in modern migration management, Visa remains a conditional approval granted to a migrant by a government allowing the holder to enter, remain, work or to leave a certain territory within a given period of time.


” Consequently, it remains the responsibility of the Service to determine the period of stay to be allowed any visitor into the country. It is therefore, important to stress that there is a difference between the period within which a valid Visa must be presented at any entry Post and the actual period given to the holder by the endorsement Officer at the Border Control.


“The period stated in a holder’s Passport especially for Visas issued at the Missions is really the period within which the holder is expected to present same at entry Post for assessment by the Border Control Officer. It is not essentially the actual period the holder will be allowed to stay in the country


” The Acting Comptroller General wishes to use this medium to assure the various publics of improved service delivery across service windows while also calling on them to feel free to constantly insist on quality service from our Personnel.


He encouraged that timely and detailed reports of any unprofessional conducts by any Personnel be made appropriately for necessary actions.


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