Tuesday , 5 July 2022
Minister of Transport,Hon. Samuel Wlue with the Commissioner Banjul Accord Group Accident Investigative Agency (BAGAIA) Engineer Charles Irikefe Erhueh at the Royal Hotel, Boulevard Sinkor, Monrovia where the two-day strategic meeting is held

Liberian govt partners BAGAIA to establish accident investigation group

GOVERNMENT of Liberia has concluded plans to establish an Accident Investigation Group (AIG) in the country and commence full operation on or before July 2022 to help entrench development and safety in its airspace with the assistance of the Banjul Accord Group Accident Investigation Agency (BAGAIA)

This is just as it has resolved also to appoint a chief executive and BAGAIA Commission Member for the Accident Investigation Group Liberia as soon as possible to drive the process.

Minister of Transport,Hon. Samuel Wlue made this known in Monrovia, the Liberian State capital playing host to the Commissioner of the Regional Investigative Agency, BAGAIA, Engineer Charles Irikefe Erhueh at the Royal Hotel, Boulevard Sinkor, Monrovia where the two-day meeting is held.

The Minister expressed optimism that with the establishment of an AIG, the gains that neighbouring West African countries Ghana and Seirra Leone have attained will not elude Liberia and will help the country entrench safety.

He highlighted evolving global situations including threats to Civil Aviatiuon like terrorism, environmental protection and a host of others as why the meeting with the BAGAIA Commissioner is significant for the country and the entire sub-region.

The Minsiter also pledged the payment of the country’s outstanding financial obligation and put measures in place where the CAA will help the prospective AIG clear outstanding, while subsequent payment will be as budgeted for by the new agency.

Commissioner of BAGAIA, Engineer Erhueh who responded stressed that :
“We are glad that our sister nation, Liberia also sees the importance of accident investigation as a means to save lives in the future and are joyous that they took our request to aid in the establishment of a truly independent Accident Investigation agency.

“This process we have undergone with Ghana and Sierra Leone with great successes and help from other sister nations and we are confident that together we will see this through.

“We also look forward to helping the Ministry of Transport/LCAA to establish this agency in a bid to ensure that it is ranked higher by ICAO in areas of audits and its hitherto poor performances in these audits is reversed.

From today, 15th to 17th September, 2021 we will hold a series strategic sessions, review gaps and make resolutions that will be geared towards ensure that Liberia establishes its own aircraft accident Investigation agency. Together we are stronger, and yes we will succeed!

Deputy General Secretary of Roberts Flight Information Region that has 3 members state (Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone), Mr. Emil Rogers says with a key word that establishing the Accident Investigation Bureau in Liberia is geared towards ensuring and improving on safety in the aviation industry of the country.

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