Saturday , 13 August 2022
Dana Air

Dana Air announces start of operational audit


AHEAD of plans to re-enter into operations, domestic airline Dana Air says it has commenced an operational audit stressing that it intends to scale through

The airline issued another statement after its operations were abruptly halted by the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) last night.

The airline seized the opportunity to assure passengers that all was not lost and it will make good it’s promise to refund unused tickets revenues as its offices will remain open to travel partners, clients and our customer service 24/7 as always to assist customers with necessary information.

Statement read,”We are pleased to announce that we have commenced the operationally audit as advised by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) and we are fully cooperating with the NCAA to ensure our quick return to flight operations.

“Operational Audits are regulatory and airlines are required to suspend their operations when the regulator calls for it and we are confident that having been successful in previous audits, we will come back even stronger and better.

“The audit is also an opportunity for us to prove once again and reassure our guests, clients and partners that we remain strong, safe, efficient and reliable.

“As an airline, we are not insulated from the multiple challenges airlines and the aviation industry is grappling with daily which includes the recent skyrocketing cost of aviation fuel at N830/ltr, unavailability of forex, Ground Handling services, inflation, multiple taxation amongst other operational challenges which airlines have made frantic efforts to communicate to the flying public and the government.

“While this short stay off the market remains painful and heartbreaking for us, our customers, clients and partners, we remain very hopeful and very confident of our position.

“Our offices will remain open to our travel partners, clients and our customer service will still be operational 24/7 as always to assist customers with necessary information.

Our customers with unused tickets have also been advised to apply for refunds by sending an email to [email protected] with their details and we will try and resolve in a timely manner.

Wish to sincerely apologize to all affected customers, clients and travel partners for any inconveniences caused and crave your understanding and patience in the cause of this audit.

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