Monday , 15 August 2022
Nigerian Customs Service

Customs’ assault reaction causes uproar as FAAN says agency not above submitting to regulations


FOLLOWING a dismissive reaction by the Nigerian Customs Service ( NCS) to the action of its officials after a breach at the Security Restricted Area ( SRA) of the airport the Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria ( FAAN) has said the NCS is not above submitting self to protocols.


FAAN, in a statement today explained that all airfields worldwide are security restricted areas (SRA), be it a cargo or non cargo airport stressing that nothing justifies indiscipline and assault.


The statement read, “Its a cargo terminal in mma, mma is not a dedicated international cargo airport. In the interest of National security, all airfields worldwide are security restricted areas (SRA), be it a cargo or non cargo airport.

No staff or agency is beyond or above submitting to standard security procedures in any matter what ‘role’ the agency plays.


“There is no role that Justifies serial Indiscipline , and assault on fellow citizens.


“FAAN assumes no superiority over any other agency. We support and co operate with all agencies in the national interest, provided the safety and security of our staff is assured, otherwise, No..


“We must not trivialize matter as about FAAN or the NCS, it is about the dignity and safety of our security personnel that are regularly being assaulted and humiliated in public.

“It is unacceptable because they are also humans with families , and fellow citizens discharging a no less important national responsibility!”

In its earlier reaction to FAAN’s admonition on twitter on, the Nigerian Customs Service had through its PRO Joseph Attah said:


“Saying that a gate is restricted to Customs in an international cargo airport shows lack of understanding of NCS roles.


“Could it be that the gate is being used to ferry goods out of the airport without Customs clearance?


“What is the intention behind restricting Customs in what is by status a Customs controlled area?


“It’s curious that instead of engaging each other for better understanding between Government agencies, FAAN is engaging in public display of false sense of superiority.”


This reaction caused an out rage as stakeholders in the industry criticised the NCS describing their action as wrong and calling on them to understand the international regulations.

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