Wednesday , 6 July 2022
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Covid-19: Turkish Airlines gives Nigerian passengers till May end to get refunds for cancelled flights

PASSENGERS booked on Turkish Airlines flights to and from Nigeria have been given until the end of May to get refund or change their tickets free of charge as the airline says it has changed its flight schedules and may have flight cancellations on several of its Nigeria bound flights.

The airline in a statement said,” We would like to inform our passengers that due to the lowered load factors caused by the suspension of other routes, several of our flights to/from Nigeria will be undergoing cancellations in March.

“Passengers with tickets to the cancelled flights will be able to refund or change their tickets free of charge until the end of May, if they start the process until March/April depending on the route.

The airline also stated that all the cancellations were due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in various countries, “Turkish Airlines has been changing its flight schedule to several destinations around the globe in accordance with international and national authorities.”

It stated further, “As the airline that always puts the travel security at the forefront, Turkish Airlines will continue to monitor the latest developments on the situation with the national and international health authorities and take appropriate precautions.

“As the World Health Organization declared the potential risk of the virus, we have been acting in accordance with the recommendations and instructions of World Health Organization, IATA, and related national and international authorities since the first week of the January 2020.

All our passengers are mandated to complete the passenger self-reporting form distributed by the Federal Ministry of Health.

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