Wednesday , 17 August 2022
Minister of Aviation, Senator Hadi Sirika,

Caverton Pilots Saga: Sirika says NAF officer, Police acted ignorantly, incompetently

MINISTER of Aviation, Senator Hadi Sirika has said that the Military commander at the Nigerian Air force base and Police in Rivers State who arrested the pilots in the Military base all acted ignorantly and out of incompetence.

This is just as he said that the Caverton Pilots, Samuel Urgoji and Samuel Buhari will secure their freedom without any conviction hanging on their necks as they were on national assignment.

Senator Sirika made this known during the Press Briefing of the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19 in Abuja earlier today stated that, “The military officer who jumped the Chief of Air Staff and who jumped the Commander in chief and went to call a governor to make an arrest in federal government property displayed dangerous ignorance ”

“The pilots will soon be released, will be secured and dhere will not be any conviction hanging on their necks.

“And arising from the constitution and the powers of Mister President,  and the seriousness of this task force and the danger of COVID-19 and the way we opened Civil Aviation and including military aviation that’s why we said the military officer acted ignorantly when the chopper landed on his property to have called the governor and also the federal  police who made the arrest  within the premises of the military and prosecuted also acted ignorantly and I said they exhibited incompetence and this matter should not be overflogged, federal government is here for over 200 million whether you are from Rivers or Cross river or Kano or Kaduna”, he said.

Sirika further said that there is no conflict between Federal and State laws and that His Excellency, the Governor of Rivers States, Nyesom Wike did  not need to know what FG was flying into its military base.

“Now the question about the pilots, the pilots were carrying out national assignment because in the speech of the SGF who is the head of the Task Force and the Presidential address, they exempted oil and gas from the lockdown or the shut down in national interest and these Caverton helicopter pilots were flying into the military base on national assignment.

“Of course I may not be learned but I am laded and I understand  if any, in this case there is none, the conflict between  Federal and State Law I will not argue law on this platform, it is not necessary.

“So whether his Excellency the governor of Rivers State ought to know if the exempted Caverton flight would be landing in a military base in Port Harcourt belonging to Nigerian Air Force he does not need to know.”

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  1. Nyesome Wike is a sick man, he’s looking for attention, he thinks the pilot is related to Mr President, unfortunate the pilot is partly from Bonny Island and central North father, anyway I think Wike needs to go to school to understand wat is called separation of power. I’m not surprised for the police officer and the airport commandant, it’s business as usual for them.. Charles

  2. Governor is protecting his people from the pandemic coronavirus. The federal govt should carry the along in issues like this. It’s called collaborative decision making

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