Saturday , 13 August 2022
An aircraft refuelling before departure.

Airlines’ situation worsen as Jet fuel prices hit N822/litre in Lagos, higher elsewhere

AIRLINES may continue to face untold hardship with regards Jet fuel as there is a new price regime for the product as a litre in different states of the federation have shot over 800/litre with the lowest price being sold for in Lagos.

NigerianFLIGHTDECK just learnt from a reliable source that jet A1 in Lagos sells for N822 per litre while in Abuja the product sells for N859.

In Port Harcourt Jet fuel sells for N852 per litre while it sells for N890 and N892 in Yola and Maiduguri respectively.

Almost all airlines are anticipating delays and maybe cancellations given this new increase which will jack up

This new price regime may have caused fear in many airlines as the conditions for operating in Nigeria currently are strangulating.

An airline operator who spoke to our reporter, described the situation as extremely serious and has further reduced the profit margin that was hitherto seemingly non-existent.

” Aero just suspended operations, you do know that the non-stop hike in the price of Jet A1 is partly a contributory factor to that? We used to complain when jet A1 40% our operating cost but now that has seemingly doubled and there is no respite in sight.”

” This will indeed affect operations because what was planned for has gone straight out of the window and this may lead to increment because the airlines cannot handle this cost on their own and this is just fuel, we’ve not talked of salaries and maintenance of the aircraft.

” If we get the product tomorrow we will operate as scheduled but it is not that easy as someone has to pay for it and they may be delays, truly airlines are crying.”

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