HIGH tech company, AeroCRS has announced that it is providing Advanced Passenger Information System which allows airlines to collect passport details from passengers and transmit them to the French authorities as required.

The governments of certain countries require airlines companies to collect specific information about passengers before starting their trip (API, Advance Passenger Information). These data need to be communicated before the departure otherwise boarding may be denied.

The immigration authorities of France require all airlines, which are flying to the French territories around the world, to provide passenger passport and visa information prior to departure of any inbound or outbound flights to ensure safety and security.

How does API works?

During the Check-in (Online or at the airport) the passenger will need to provide the following details: full name, passport number, passport expiry date, visa number, visa expiry date, date of birth and email. These details are then stored in the system database ready for transmitting to the relevant authorities which requested it.

Passengers who refuse to supply this information prior to travel will not be allowed entry and therefore will not be accepted for travel at check-in. It is important that the information is accurate to avoid delays at the airports both on departure and arrival.

AeroCRS, is based in Tel Aviv, Israel, the start-up nation, provides an excellent, innovative and very user-friendly PSS, for more than 60 airlines from all over the world. By providing cutting edge technology we will fulfill your requests and support you at the fastest available time and effort.



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