Tuesday , 4 October 2022
Chairman/Chief Executive Officer of Air Peace, Mr. Allen Onyema flanked by the Chief of Administration and Finance, Mrs. Ejiro Eghagha (right) and the Technical Director, Engineering, Mr. Brian Rigby during a chat with editors on the state of the carrier and its plan for the future in Lagos on Friday

Updated: Aero politics: Onyema explains how Air Peace lost billions in 6 months on West Coast

  • Says government has given investors a chance by suspending Nigeria Air

CHAIRMAN of Air Peace, Chief Allen Onyema has called on government to support Nigerian airlines by helping them play the international aero politics stating that because of lack of government support, the airline has lost over a billion to charges in just 6 months flying the West coast routes

This is just as he implied that if government was playing the aero politics on behalf of the indigenous carriers it would reduce the way smaller countries try to take advantage of Nigerian airlines.

Onyema made this known Friday in an interactive forum at the Protea Hotel where he commended the Federal government for suspending the Nigeria Air project idea, stating that Government has challenged indigenous airlines to fill that gap.

He however said the airlines need the backing of the government in terms of slot negotiation, charges harmonisation and the normal détente that may keep country’s from pushing Nigerian carrier around.

“Cote d’voire gave us permission to fly into their country and we got there not even airport office was given to us, no office and they slammed us with $10,000 charges totality. My brothers and sisters tell me how many people are you carrying on that plane. Are they paying $10,000 in Nigeria? And we are talking about Nigerian airlines not accessing the SAATM. Our own people talking that Nigerian airlines lack capacity, and no one has has bothered to ask us how it is even when we complained we haven’t received any help.”
“It is now I hear Nigeria is calling them to a meeting to streamline charges. That has not actualized an Airfield has lost over a billion in 6months flying the West Coast, when they presented this to me a few days ago I almost cried. What we make here we are expending them I the West Coast region because of their charges  and these airlines are receiving support from their governments some of them are not even paying taxes, Air Peace from day one had started paying tax and charges. We have it in our country, they don’t have it in their country and when we get there they double the charges. For Nigerian Airlines to thrive people need to hear our cries.

“On the international scene, I’ve told you if your country gives you the status of a flag carrier and you want to fly to London or another destination, the other country, they have an airline. They don’t want you to come and compete with their own airline, whether private airline or whatever, they don’t want you to compete. ”

“Even the airlines try to prevent you and their country will indirectly suspend you for a while until they are able to fathom a way of dealing with you when you come in. They can raise non-existent issues to hold you down, it is then you need the support of the government to play that politics to let them know that if you do not allow our flag carriers to come in, we are going to stop you. ”

“There are ways of doing that government to government and you will see they will quickly allow you to come in. We need that support. Then of course when you go to the charges, if we go there and they hammer us some unreasonable charges, draw their attention, it is our government that should do that.Draw the attention, that ‘our people are paying this, you are not paying this’ if they refuse you multiply it by two and increase their own, you will see they will withdraw, they will stop.”

“That is not within the control of any airline, they have so many stumbling blocks for you not to come into their country, they lay these in your path so government should help us.”

On the suspension of the proposed Nigeria Air, Onyema said it was President Buhari’s way of giving a vote of confidence on the existing domestic carriers.

” I am not calling to be made a national carrier, we are already a flag carrier, he said, Arik, Azman, MaxAir, Me-view are all flag carrier flying our flag on the international route what I am doing is calling on government for support so these airlines to succeed and thrive.”

“President Buhari has challenged Nigerian airlines to use this occasion to fill the gap. Government has challenged the rest of us to live up to expectation. It means for the first time we have seen a government that saw it made a mistake and has retraced its steps something no government has done. We need government to help us especially to fight the international aero politics,” Onyema said.

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