Wednesday , 17 August 2022

SAHCO PLC adds modern aviation ground support equipment to fleet

Air Conditioning Units (ACU), Ground Power Units (GPU) procured by SAHCO
SKYWAY Aviation Handling Company PLC (SAHCO) has expanded its Aviation Ground Support Equipment (GSE) fleet with new ultra-modern equipment including Air Conditioning Units (ACU), Ground Power Units (GPU)

Other equipment procured includes toilet bowsers, Water bowsers and baggage carts so as to adjust to its expanding business activities.

SAHCO, according to a statement signed by Manager, Corporate Communications, Vanessa Uansohia, procured 3 units of Air Conditioning Units to provide Airlines with air conditioning to the aircraft cabin while the aircraft is on ground.

Two of the ACUs are manufactured to produce 50 pounds of preconditioned air per second for wide body aircraft and the other is to produce 15 pounds of preconditioned air per second for narrow body aircraft.

Both ACUs were manufactured by Guinault, a reputable GSE manufacturer in France. The ACUs are built to be environmentally friendly producing less or no carbon monoxide to the atmosphere because they are fitted with tier 4 Engines which is the latest technology in compliance with the strictest Emission of Particulate Matter (EPA) emission requirement for off-highway diesel engines.

Similarly, the ACUs systems are fitted with a sim card that is used to monitor the activity of the equipment by both the manufacturer and the End User to curb misuse, abuse and diagnose malfunction.

In addition, the ACUs, three Ground Power Units (GPU) were procured to deliver alternative voltage supply for aircraft while on ground.

The fleet which was also manufactured by Guinault are two units of GPU equipped to produce 140 KVA of energy for wide body aircraft and one unit of GPU with the capacity of producing 90 KVA of energy for narrow body aircraft. These GPUs are also fitted with the Tier 4 Engine to check Carbon Monoxide emission and sim cards for proper monitoring and capacity by both the manufacturer and End User.

Also, SAHCO constructed three toilet and two water bowsers from locally sourced materials by its engineering and maintenance team. The bowser which are used to produce water and to eliminate waste from the Aircraft are manufactured according to European standards. The tanks of both GSEs are built from galvanized steel to prevent rust and are both towable so as to check energy consumption and emission like the diesel powered GSEs.

Another GSE produced by SAHCO are Baggage Carts, which are built according to European standards. The carts are also built to be roomier than their European counterparts to accommodate large volume of baggage. The carts have a peculiar feature of the capacity to be loaded sideways, this helps in reducing the turnaround time of flights.

Another feature of the Baggage cart is that it is built with stainless plates to prevent rusting making it all weather to accommodate Nigerian terrain. They are fitted with hoods and canopies to protect passengers’ baggage from rain and the carts also have brakes and hooks installed to prevent accidents and slips.

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