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NAHCO only collects dues from ANCLA registered freight firms, organisation reacts to suit threat


NIGERIAN Aviation Handling Company PLC ( NAHCO) has said insisted that it collects dues only on behalf of registered members of theA ssociation of Nigeria Licensed Customs Agents (ANCLA) stating that it has always remitted to the association as has always been the existing process.

This is just as the handling company has said that it has only ten (10) of the then twenty-two (22) customers are active on its portal.

A letter signed by Bello A. Abdullahi of NAHCO’s Company Secretary, Dikko & Mahmoud Solicitors revealed:

” We are writing in response to recent allegations in several news publications that allude to the Nigerian Aviation Handling Company PLC’s (NAHCO) insistence on collecting dues on behalf of the Association of Nigeria Licensed Customs Agents (ANCLA) from agents that no longer wish to be members of the association.

“We categorically refute this statement by reiterating and emphasizing that NAHCO’s role is and has always been that of dues collector on ANCLA’s behalf from ONLY registered members of the association.

“All monies collected are unfailingly remitted to the association as has always been the existing process.

“Presently, only ten (10) of the then twenty-two (22) organizations are active customers on our GALAXY System (Cargo Management Portal).

“Their deduction functionality has been deactivated since 12th October 2021 and the remaining twelve (12) companies do not have any direct business with NAHCO as they are not registered on the aforementioned portal. As joint stakeholders in this industry, the call for resolution of this situation is a call for cooperation towards achieving and sustaining growth.

“The Nigerian Aviation Handling Company PLC is always committed to transparency in its support of all its esteemed clients, partners, and stakeholders.” The letter read.







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