LOW or zero visibility in some cases has led to several cancellations of flight since December 25, 2016 as airlines, due to the thick fog caused by the harmattan haze have not been able to take off or land in certain areas in the country especially in Abuja and most South Eastern states.

The natural phenomenon which is costing airlines million already have left some passengers opting for the roads as most flights were delayed on the 25th till it was cancelled outright.

Arik, Aero, Air Peace, Azman, Dana, Medview  have all been forced to cancel flights while it was learnt that due to visibility issues no airline has taken off since 9am today as flights have been aborted on takeoff after visibility went down.

As of today, Nigerianflightdeck learnt that at the Sam Mbakwe Airport visibility was less than 300 metres while at the Port Harcourt Airport it was also less than 800 metres while flying into those airports will be a direct violation to the NCAA Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) on the harmattan haze, it doesn’t make it any easier for the airlines who are groaning on the financial constraints this is causing.

However airports’ visibility differ  from one airport to another given the navigational and land equipment at the airport, according to a source at the NCAA same visibility affected the Murtala Muhammed Airport Lagos as visibility was said to be about 300metres not up to the 800 metres.

Also in Abuja, visibility  was poor and the situation is having a ripple effect on other routes.

Airlines like Dana Air, Medview and Air Peace on their twitter handles have kept passengers informed on the development, engaging them and allowing them know what the true position is with Dana constantly talking to its Owerri passengers who have been hard hit by the phenomenon.

Dana had tweeted today,” Dear Valued Guests, we sincerely apologize for the delays which is due to bad weather and poor visibility.  We  are monitoring the situation and hopefully, if the weather condition improves, we will be glad to welcome you on board.

Airlines have had to abort flights after takeoff or during landing and most flights to south-south and south-east from Abuja have either be cancelled or postponed until further notice.



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