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Director General Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA), Captain Musa Nuhu

Azman Air: NCAA in business to ensure safety; not ruining airlines-Captain Nuhu

DIRECTOR General of the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA), Captain Musa Nuhu  has insisted that the regulatory body is not out to ruin any airline contrary to what is perceived but is ensuring that it fulfills its mandate and ensure it guides airlines to operate safely, efficiently and provide the necessary services.

This is just as he has stressed that the CAA does not deal in personalities but the safety of aircraft and their operations stressing that only safety matters and every surrounding noise is just a mere distraction.

Captain Musa who responded to a series of questions from journalists at the weekend shed more light on the Azman situation stressing that what happened to the airline was not a punitive measure; but the CAA’s responsibility and duty to guide and work with the operators and assist them to ensure they are in compliance with our regulations

On the airlines key post holders who were found wanting during the audit, Captain Nuhu admitted the regulators erred but as DG he saw the problem and is rectifying it. He said:

”Yes its true, these people (Management team) come through the NCAA we have what is called management key post holders that need to meet certain requirements before they are approved but I don’t know what happened, they were approved I came and I met them but I think it is my responsibility as DG when I see something wrong to rectify it which is what we are working to rectify something we might have done wrong. READ ALSO: Azman Air’s Audit: Findings show gloomy safety situation for airline

“Also NCAA is an organization too, in transition, we are trying to change the organization and put it at a higher lever and honestly even this Azman issue has shown us a lot about areas that we have some deficiencies and we are trying to fill it and make some changes to really make the organization much more effective and much more efficient.

According to the director general, the airline is responding to the corrective action plan that followed the regulators audit stressing that the airline would come out better for it  and that the NCAA too has learned from the incident and would improve on all perceived deficiencies.

“I must tell you the response from Azman the last couple of times is very encouraging and very positive and they are taking our advice, now they understand and it is even better for them as it will improve their business modem and I have seen a shift. I can guarantee you by the time Azman complies; the public will see a different Azman that is our whole purpose we are not here to kill anybody, we are not here to ruin any airline but to guide them to operate safely, efficiently and provide the necessary services too.”

Nuhu also cautioned on the kinds of statement released in the industry stressing that they have far-reaching effect not just against the NCAA as an organization but Nigeria as a country stating those kinds of action impugn the country and makes everything difficult for all.

“Though, we’ve had issues with some airlines, they came, we sat with them and resolved the issues, nobody heard us. But unfortunately in this particular case when somebody goes to the  public and impugns the credibility of an organization, we need to defend our actions as an organization and what I want you to understand is that it’s not my person, it’s not the DG and it’s not NCAA; its Nigeria’s reputation that is being damaged on the international space.”

“Understand, if NCAA is somehow  perceived as a corrupt organization, it means all the operators, all the  aviation businesses will find it difficult to charter aircraft and it makes the whole business much more difficult for us that is why we had to come out and tell the world, this is not a vendetta: A, B, C, D happened and if you evidence  together you can see the accident chain is forming and then somebody has to take an axe and break that chain and that is exactly what we do.”

Speaking on his ability to do his job without external influence, Captain Nuhu said: “Honestly, I will tell you something, quote me, the support I get from the government, short of the Minister coming here and sitting down as DG NCAA nobody in government has ever called me and asked me to reverse my decision, nobody.

“There are times Minister has taken some decisions and he is unaware of some information and in come in and tells him and he reverses the decision. Nobody has ever put me under pressure.

I don’t see the personality; I deal with safety of operations whether it is Mr. President on the aircraft or whether it’s an almajiri on the aircraft, what I see is the safety on the aircraft I only care about the safety of the aircraft nothing more.


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  1. We thank God that you are on the helm of NCAA Captain Nuhu!

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