Tuesday , 4 October 2022
Aero-Ramco Partnership: CEO Aero Contractors, Captain Ado Sanusi flanked right by General Manager Africa, Europe and Middle East, Ramco, Menaka Sinhan and Assistant Director Pierre Mohadeen while on the left Aero Head of Maintenance, Engineer James Ominyi and Mr. Taiwo Adeniyi and Engineer Segun Akinfesola

Aero, Ramco enters ₦200m MRO processes optimization automation deal

AERO Maintenance Repair Overhaul ( MRO) and  Ramco systems, a global software provider based in Chennai, India have entered a technical partnership that would automated the former’s MRO processes and bring more efficiency into it’s operations.

The partnership which includes a ₦200million investment by Aero in the last five years to join Ramco’s network ensures that the MRO service provider has improved digital solutions that will eliminate the misses brought about by the manual processes an transform Aero from a paper-based to a paperless MRO following emerging trends.

According to the CEO, Aero Contractors, Captain Ado Sanusi, the new software will also create effective manpower utilization and digitize the the maintenance processes.

Sanusi  also said that every aspect of the airline;s MRO services can now be accessed and tracked real-time for enhanced efficiency stating that by the process, Aero as an MRO will  not miss anything due to the automation of the process.

“As our services increased in scope with more third party equipment being brought to Aero’s MRO facility for maintenance. there was need for improved streamlining of our operations through digitalization. The management of Aero therefore contracted Ramco, an aviation software solution provider to offer a software solution that covers everything monitoring services from the time we enter into a contract with a client all the way to the time the job is concluded.

“It includes the contract itself, costing, billing, logistics, manpower allocation and optimum manpower utilization, therefore saving Aero huge cost especially in man-hours that are paid for but not effectively utilized.

” It also provides efficiencies in  Human resource management, purchasing, inventory, warranty, maintenance, financials, Third-party maintenance  and sales and its integrated business intelligence tools allow you to measure, monitor and manage with the help of advanced analytics,” he said.

Also speaking, General Manager Africa, Europe and Middle East Ramco’s, Mekana Sinha, , the benefits of the automation are numerous and with the training given aero staff they will be able to track every aspect of the job

She also explained that the system will plug revenue leakage without much Ado.

Sinha said,” we are excited to add Nigeria’s leading and oldest MRO, Arrived Contractors company of NIgeria limited to our clientele. The successful implementation of Ramco Aviation Suite at Aero will automate manual work execution processes and enable organization-wide visibility.

” With modules for planning, work execution, stores, procurement, MRO sales and billing process, Ramco’s integrated Aviation M&E MRO Solution automated and optimizes Aero Contractors’ MRO Services.

” The solution would help the organization optimize employee utilization and prove efficiency and accuracy in billing processes

Explaining further Aero Head, MRO, James Ominyi said the entire process which has been years in the making can’t online in December, stating that staff have been trained and Aero has been integrated in the system.

He said,”we have trained over 20 people and we took about a month to train our personnel on the system. They learnt all evaluation processes, tried out various scenarios and we logged in entries .

On the perceived impact, Ominyi said,” this automation process will not cut manpower but it will ensure that manpower is judiciously used.

” The system will help ensure optimal utilization for example if the task is 6hours , it will enable the workers do the task and the company doesn’t pay for work not don’t and check truancy.”

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