Zela Aviation Emerges as Key Player in Nigerian Aviation Rapid ACMI Growth


Zela Aviation, a top aviation brokerage firm, specializing in Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance, and Insurance services, asserts its vital role in Nigeria’s aviation sector. It actively addresses the escalating demand for ACMI solutions.

Engaged in Nigeria for 7 years, Zela witnesses dynamic growth with increased ACMI service requests. Known for excellence, it tailors solutions, supporting Nigerian carriers effectively.

Andreas Christodoulides, Zela Aviation Chairman, reveals, “Zela proudly backs a key Nigerian Airline, providing two aircraft on ACMI lease. This collaboration highlights Zela’s dedication to fostering beneficial partnerships.”

He adds, “Nigerian aviation experiences unprecedented growth, with airlines expanding fleets. Zela sees immense potential and positions itself to play a pivotal role in supporting this growth.”

Zela Aviation expresses optimism, citing rewarding experiences in Nigeria. It eagerly contributes to the region’s aviation success amid increasing ACMI demand and proactive fleet expansions by Nigerian airlines.

Confident in the market’s potential, Zela remains committed to providing high-quality ACMI solutions, aiming to contribute significantly to Nigeria’s aviation industry success and competitiveness.



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