Who authorized Meridiana to sell tickets without approval? NCAA deny, Ministry keeps mum

Italian-based Meridiana Airline
Italian carrier, Meridiana

Drama played out on Tuesday when passengers lined up at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport to fly Italian-based Meridiana Airline. The MMIA departure hall it was melee as airport officials tried to explain what they had no knowledge of, to the aggrieved passengers.

The Flight Information screen or any information portal at MMIA did not list the airline.

Our reporter gathered at around 1.30pm that tickets were already sold, and passengers were waiting. However, they discovered that the Italian-based Meridiana Airline was not coming, causing agitation.

Authorities couldn’t resolve the Meridiana mystery. Calls to the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority went unanswered as they lacked documentation.

NigerianFLIGHTDECK investigated further and discovered that the Italian airline, intended to replace Alitalia under the BASA, was still awaiting authorization to fly into Nigeria. Despite this, passengers waited at MMIA on Tuesday.

Sam Adurogboye, spokesman for NCAA, stated, “The Italian government designated Air Meridiana as Italy’s official carrier to Nigeria, replacing Alitalia under the existing BASA.”

“The process for commencing operations is underway. So, it couldn’t have been selling tickets for operations. NCAA does not engage in unauthorized business transactions.”

However, at MMIA on Tuesday, many disgruntled passengers awaited a flight that never arrived, confusing airport officials.

Nigerianflightdeck also queried the Ministry about the airline’s ticket sales without complete processes, awaiting a response.



  1. It’s only in Nigeria… I don’t really blame those who already bought their tickets, the tickets must have been very affordable. Tony have you tried to buy ticket for international flight recently? The fares are ridiculously expensive. Meridiana should quickly complete the formalities and start. Nigerians need them NOW.

    • Comedy of errors. There is no airport in the world where illegal company would have a kiosk to sell tickets to passengers without knowledge of airport authorities. I don’t believe it happened in Nigeria because NCAA must have designated the kiosk, which makes what the company did to be within the confines of law


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