Van Vicker

GHANA Tourism Authority will storm Lagos with a cast of Top Tourism Products led by the Chief Executive Mr. Akwasi Agyeman, the team will also include popular actor, Van Vicker.

Vicker is very popular in Nigeria as he has starred in many Nollywood movies. Included in the Team are members of the Ghana Tourism Federation and Members of the Ghana Chef Association who will participate in the Second edition of the Jollof Rice war with Nigeria and Gambia on the 9th of September.

This year will be the Second year after the return of Ghana to Akwaaba African Travel market. This year the Organisers of Akwaaba had a very Successful outing Ghana with the 4th Accra Weizo in partnership with the Ghana Tourism Authority. Ghana will be hosting a special Ghana Day on Sunday the 9th immediately after the Jollof Rice Competition by 3 pm.

Akwaaba African Travel Market is the biggest Travel Expo in West Africa and has been hosted in Lagos for the past 13 years and it annually attracts visitors and Exhibitors from over 20 nations. Lagos State will be hosting a special day at the fair on the 11th of September at Eko Hotel and Suites. The Lagos day will see special Cultural and artistic presentations to showcase the best of Lagos. With the Changing face of the city of Lagos amidst massive Infrastructural reconstruction of the City, delegates to the 14th Akwaaba Tourism Expo will be treated to the taste of Lagos as never before.

You have heard all the stories of Lagos. Some good, some bad; but no report is better than a personal experience. This is what the Government of Lagos through its Ministry of Tourism is promising delegates to this year’s African Travel Expo. This hosting is in line with effort to make true the vision of Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode, the governor of Lagos State, to transform Lagos, Africa’s most populous city and the second largest economy in West Africa, in creating an enduring architecture for the business of tourism to thrive to support continuous prosperity of the State as it targets its low hanging fruits of its massive entertainment, culture and heritage.

The Governor earlier in the year noted that the State is channelling a lot of resource to creating an enduring architecture for the business of tourism to thrive, with an understanding that tourism does not stand on its own; that it is the infrastructure supporting it that actually allows it to thrive; hence, the upbeat about putting the infrastructure in place.

Lagos State has promised the Organisers all needed Institutional Support to make the event not only remarkable but successful and at the same time memorable! City Tours will be provided for visiting Tour Operators to know the City better in order to market its attraction to their Clients. Lagos is Africa’s entertainment Capital and its leading Business destination. So a lot of entertainment has been lined up to make the stay in Lagos memorable.

Lagos will be having a Special Pavilion for the 3 days of the event and visitors can sample traditional Lagos Cuisine from the 9th to 11th of September. The event starts with a Nigeria Day event put together by the Nation council for Arts and Culture NCAC, the Jollof rice war between Nigeria, Ghana and Gambia, Exhibitions by leading Tourism and Travel companies across Africa, Aviation Conference, Youth in Tourism conference, Gambia Day event, Ethiopia Day, Africa Top 100 Tour Operators conference and Awards, thrills by the carnival Calabar group, A taste of Dubai, Namibia, South Africa and other Destinations at this year’s show.


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