Valuejet Records Runway Excursion in Port Harcourt Airport 

Valuejet skids off Taxiway in Port Harcourt
Valuejet 5N-BXR

A CRJ 900 Bombardier aircraft, registered as 5N-BXR, belonging to ValueJet, during a taxi turn suffered a runway excursion after a safe landing at Port Harcourt airport. No damage occurred, and the incident, transpiring at 3:30 local time, left the aircraft unharmed.

With 62 passengers and 5 crew members on board, the aircraft veered into the brushes, marking the third runway incident within a fortnight. The Ibadan occurrence, where a private plane crashed short of the runway, and Aero Contractors’ incident over the weekend precede this latest mishap in Port Harcourt.

However, despite this worrisome trend, ValueJet asserts its status as a secure airline, ensuring that all operations proceed without any glitches.


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