To celebrate its third anniversary, United Nigeria Airlines teamed up with Samsung to offer passengers brand-new smartphones during flights.

To mark the occasion, United Nigeria Airlines passengers flying between Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt from February 27-29, 2024, stand a chance to win one of 15 Samsung smartphones.

Chief Commercial Officer, Mr. Raphael Uchegbu, emphasizes the airline’s dedication to customer satisfaction and industry excellence through this partnership.

He encourages travelers to seize the opportunity to win a Samsung smartphone by choosing United Nigeria Airlines for their flights.

“This joint initiative not only underscores United Nigeria Airlines’ commitment to customer appreciation but also highlights its dedication to fostering growth and achieving excellence in the aviation industry.”

“United Nigeria Airlines will continue to prioritise customer satisfaction and innovative partnerships. Therefore, this exclusive giveaway is a testament to the unwavering commitment of United Nigeria to provide exceptionally safe air transport service to its passengers,” Uchegbu added.

Previously, United Nigeria Airlines had also offered a 10% discount to commemorate its inaugural flight in 2021.



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