• As Dr. Obilana calls for security, facilitation balancing

A former Director General of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority ( NCAA), Dr. Harold Demuren has canvassed better funding beyond the $20 per passengers’ charged as security levy stressing that more funding is required if improved security around the airports must be achieved.

He made this known at the
ART Q2/2022 Business Breakfast Meeting (BBM), Perspectives in Multi-layered Aviation Security System and Passenger Facilitation at the Golfview Hotel GRA Ikeja, Lagos where he stressed that terrorists have adequate planning time, funding and a ready to die attitude all of which drives them.

According to Demuren, the major attention points needed for Multi-layered Aviation Security apart from funding also includes human factor and the state of Nigerian aviation which are all part of the gamut for a working system.

He said funding is key to support security oversight and required for state of the art security equipment but that workers within the system pose a risk since compromise is easy and same workers can become insider threats.

Demuren therefore insists that training and continuous training must be given priority.

He also canvassed information gathering and analysis, sharing and collaboration to help strengthen the security system.

Security consultant, Dr. Ayodele Obilana in his presentation: Addressing Challenges to Passenger Facilitation Process in the Aviation Security Regime called for balancing between facilitation and security procedures.

He said, “Operational process for seamless airport passage calls for ‘balancing act’ between facilitation and security procedures. One is not to override the other.

“Accordingly, the regime should also ensure coordination and cooperation between airport agencies and the tasking authority who are statutorily assigned for implementation of the process in all facets. The process of facilitation must also ensure that security layers are not compromised in the process in itself.

“Security layers of airport operations should be strictly enforced particularly now that aviation remains a prime target of perpetrators of unlawful acts. And things must not be taken for granted hence, there must be compliance on screening and other security measures to acceptable international standards,” he said.

In his opening address, President Aviation Safety Round Table Initiative (ASRTI) Dr Gabriel Olowo said that in view of the current security deterioration and challenges in Nigeria on farmlands, churches and mosques, road and rail transportation, the ART is reviewing the aviation system in hopes that those in authority take notes and do what is required.

He said,”We are reviewing Multilayer Security System in Aviation through the eagle eyes of respected Professionals & Discussants who have gracefully honored our invitation to be here before it ever happened.

“This is the voice of a town crier. It is expected that implementation of the conclusions today will be treated by the responsible task owners with utmost seriousness it deserves.


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