Friday , 7 October 2022
Mr. Sukhjinder Mann and managing director of Wakanow, Mr Adebayo

Sukhjinder Mann resigns as DCEO Dana Air


INFORMATION just reaching NigerianFLIGHTDECK is that Mr Sukhjinder Paul Mann, the new Deputy Chief Executive Officer, of Dana Air has resigned his appointment from the organisation


Mann took over the job from 22nd November, 2021 and was expected to work with the team to bring new perspective and fresh initiatives to the role to further strengthen the management team.


Mr. Mann, a Briton and has worked with many leading commercial airlines in Africa and across the globe at a Senior Management and ‘C’ Level executive roles left the airline Friday, July 16, 2022.


As at the time of filing this report, our correspondent had not reached the airline for a confirmation and Mr. Mann was not available for same as it it believed the Briton has travelled back as his number was unreachable.


For now details are few and far in-between but the platform will keep you posted.

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  1. Another top executive resigns at Dana Air????

  2. This guy is a champion looks like Hathiramani messed up again.

  3. DANA will never change. These Indians!!!!!

  4. Losing Sukh Mann will be real loss for Dana Air. He started making the correct changes. The airline will rewind 10 years now that he gave up on them. I heard it was because they did not pay him since many months.

  5. If this news is true, then it’s not just a loss to Dana Air alone but a loss to Nigeria aviation as he is seen to be an encyclopedia in aviation.

  6. I cam to my shift today and learn that mr Sukh has left Dana. it is very sad news. When he came we did not understand him because he dont take nonesense everybody now respects him alot and we now see his vision, with him no more we do not know what will happen mr obi is also gone. Good luck mr Sukh all of the team love you.

  7. Dana is over, they cannot keep good people-there is big issue at DANA because they prefer to go with jokers over aviation people. OH DANA AIR WILL YOU LEARN SOMETHING.

  8. They should have paid him salary and keep him happy…oooooh DANA AIR without him mr jacky will fail this company again – this man was a saviour for airline.

  9. Is the Hathiramani not correct? I do not know him but he reputation everywhere. He is owing everywhere. Why is Dana still flying without proper managers? Please no more crashes you have killed once but it like you do not care! Greedy Indian cannot be allowed to kill Nigerians again. Abuja politicians and all Nigerians please wake up!

  10. Very true Chris everyone should boycott against this disaster ship, you should be very very ashamed you are accident waiting to happen second time, may The Lord Have Mercy

  11. Dana Ground Operation in Lagos Person

    If you kill the saviour we cannot be saved. The absence of Sukh in here has already starting to show up

  12. See what happened when this guy left????? Dana Air fools!!!!!! We THANK GOD that nobody died!!!!!

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