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Two domestic airlines Dana Air, MD83, Arik Air Boeing 737-800 winglet following behind

Following  data obtained from the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority ( NCAA)’ s Executive Summary of International and Domestic flight operations in the period of January to December 2022, not all the data was negative as some positives were still evident.

Some other stats also required questioning but in all some airlines did practically well in delays and other areas.

From the stat, Ibom Air which operated 10,910 flights only second to Air Peace in 2022 had 3535 delayed flights at 32% with 32 cancelled flights, it had one of the lowest delays in 2022 given its operation volume. READ ALSO: 2022’s highest domestic, international airlines’ delay in Nigeria- NCAA summary

Another airline with very low delay figures are new entrants, ValueJet which operated 609 flights from October 10, 2022  and had 160 delays at 26%.

Max Air however did not fare as well with 9,671 flights and  6,189 delays giving it a 64% delay.

Meanwhile, in the baggage category, 449 delayed baggage were reported in 2022 and all these baggages were found and received by their owners.

Of the 449 baggage, Arik Air accounted for 150, followed by Ibom Air with 123 delayed baggage; Air Peace recorded 96, while Dana Air recorded 43.

Green Africa recorded 25 delayed baggage while Max Air had 10; Overland and Aero were  lowest with one delayed baggage each.

Passenger traffic however saw Air Peace take the lead on the domestic scene with a total of 2,280,924 inbound passengers and 2,294,062 outbound passengers.

NigerianFLIGHTDECK analyst also juxtaposed passenger traffic data between Max Air and Ibom Air as Max operated 9671 flight with 174 cancellations, 1,239 flights fewer than Ibom Air’s 10,910 and 32 cancellations.

Max Air, according to the stat, still airlifted 868,182 inbound passengers and 865,255  outbound passengers against Ibom Air’s 842,760 inbound and 850,271 outbound passengers.

Arik equally with 9752 flights had an inbound passenger traffic of 862,888 and an outbound passenger figure of 878,537; United Nigeria operated 6,097 flights and had inbound and outbound passenger traffic of 203,361 and 212,295.

Overland operated 2926 flights and airlifted 107,084 inbound and 107,204 outbound. Green Africa  operated 4048 flights ans did  224,984 passengers inbound and 223,043 outbound

Aero Contractors operated 3106 flights with 198,689 inbound and 199052 outbound flights; Azman Air operated 3713 flights and airlifted 293,656 inbound passengers and 288,795 outbound passengers.

Dana Air did a total of 4440 flights and had a total inbound passenger figure of 397,431 and 411,643 outbound passengers.

In all total inbound passengers traffic stood at 6,309,662 while outbound was a total of 6,359,997.


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