from left Eng Bukar Douglas, Secretariat Admin; Mr Edwin Obi; Sqn Leader (Eng) Rita Kamalu, Interim Exec member; Eng Chukwuka Iloeje, President; Eng Mubarak Haladu, VP and Eng Sheri Kyari, Gen Sec, all of Society of Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers of Nigeria (SLAMEN) at the society's Annual General Meeting and election of new National executive held at the 631 ACMD conference hall (NAF C130 hangar), Ikeja, Lagos on Saturday
  • As body elects maiden executives, inducts new members

Society Of Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (SLAMEN) has requested that the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority ( NCAA) increase its oversight function on the economics of Organisations, and adequately survey Organisations with regards their expatriate quota.

The body made this known at the first quarterly General Meeting/ General Elections held at the 631 Airforce Base Ikeja on 15th April 2023 where it surmised that continued financial incapability of an organization to pay salaries for two months at a stretch is a serious safety issue.

SLAMEN President, Engr Chukwuka Iloeje who emerged elected said the society was founded as a wholly professional body who put heads together and decided to improve the professional outlook of Aircraft maintenance in Nigeria and assured that they are partners for the success of the industry.

Reeling out their requests as professionals in the industry, Iloje said its first demand was to the engineers to perform their function delicately under the provisions of Nigerian Civil Aviation Regulations, relevant Aircraft Maintenance Manuals and other requirements.

He said, ” Perform our duties to always give confidence to the occupants of the aircraft. Let us work hard to help our companies minimise delays and flight cancellations, improve financial standing and grow the businesses.

To employers of labour: Airlines, Aircraft Maintenance Organisations ( AMOs), and others he urged them to provide the required tools, spares, and equipment. Maintain good working conditions for licensed Engineers to perform optimally.

He urged, “Pay engineers good salaries that are commensurate with the very high responsibility bestowed on us by our duty. Our families need to be very comfortable for us to be in the right frame of mind to always perform safely and efficiently.

On the use of Nigerian professionals, Iloje said,” We also passionately request our employers to give priority to training and utilizing Nigerian licensed engineers for their various fleets rather than giving prominence to employing foreign personnel.

“We request more surveillance as regards Expatriate Quota. Foreign engineers are employed to perform aircraft maintenance while local engineers are out of work or are not trained to carry out the duty.

” We request that the Authority uses its economic audit to determine the continued financial capability of an organization that does not pay salaries for two months at a stretch – a serious safety issue.

He further urged the NCAA to open a channel for anonymous reporting of violations to avoid fears of reporting or victimisation of reporters stressing that necessary and appropriate control should be taken in these issues.

As a body, SLAMEN thanked the NCAA for appropriately regulating the industry and stating that they look forward to the regulators increasing enforcement of the provision of the Nigeria CARs.

The SLAMEN President, also inducted Sqn Leader (Eng) Rita Kamalu, Eng Alex Iheuwa; Eng Samuel Sorayo; Eng Ibrahim Manboe; Eng Mubarak Haladu; Eng Paulina Agbaji and Edwin Obi into the body on behalf of other members at the society’s Annual General Meeting and election of new National executive on Saturday


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