SAHCO Denies Drug Cartel Allegations, Emphasizes Cooperation with Authorities


Skyway Aviation Handling Company, SAHCO PLC, vehemently rejects false reports linking it to a drug peddling cartel. Addressing the allegations online, SAHCO asserts that all security agencies enjoy unrestricted access to its warehouse. SAHCO clarifies that despite being a crucial import/export gateway,it is not tasked with verifying cargo content.

In a categorical denial, SAHCO states, “Let us say without mincing words that the report is false.” The company states that while facilitating trade in Nigeria, it does not verify nor check cargo content. Furthermore, it deemed accusations of running a drug cartel as fiendish and cruel.

Moreover, SAHCO underscores that government agencies such as NDLEA, DSS, Quarantine, and Airforce have unimpeded access to their warehouse for executing duties without interference.

Signed by Uansohia Vanessa Adetola, the statement highlights the company’s cooperation with agencies during investigations. “We always cooperate with the agencies while they carry out their investigation without shielding anyone involved.”

In conclusion, the statement emphasizes SAHCO’s commitment as a responsible company, providing the latest technology to support government agencies in combating crime.


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