Revolutionising Nigerian airports for seamless tourism


Tosan Duncan Odukoya, Acting COO of Bi-Courtney Aviation Services Limited, emphasized the pivotal link between tourism success and robust infrastructure.

She said this at a Breakfast Forum hosted by Philips Consulting Limited and Nigeria-South Africa Chamber of Commerce.

Odukoya, a forum panellist, highlighted the crucial role well-structured infrastructure plays in shaping the traveller’s journey. Using MMA2 as reference, she showcased continuous growth, emphasising the significance of rethinking technology, reengineering process flows. She also underscores enhancing human capital training for world-class service delivery.

At MMA2, the commitment to a vibrant value chain within the travel sector is evident. Innovative marketing and customer-centric strategies, like the Art Gallery Experience, upgrade check-in for shorter wait times and a seamless experience.

BASL is not just upgrading Common User Passenger Processing Systems but also investing in a top-notch enterprise resource planning model. This showcases dedication to operational excellence and a smooth travel experience.

Duncan emphasized that today’s travellers, belonging to a discerning socio-economic demography, seek transparency, corporate responsibility, and efficiency. Airports, according to her, should evolve into major business centers offering diverse commercial, cultural, and lifestyle opportunities.

MMA2, envisioned as more than just a terminal, aims to serve as the gateway to tourism within and around Nigeria. Odukoya called for a shift from a linear view of processing to creating a space that caters to all aspirational needs for air travel.

In conclusion, Odukoya urged stakeholders to prioritise infrastructure development and maintenance, highlighting its positive impact on tourism, wellbeing and economies. She stressed the need for collaboration between the public and private sectors to achieve the vision of seamless travel.

Seizing the opportunity, she urged public authorities to back private establishments dedicated to advancing the travel industry. Emphasizing single hub integration’s potential, she urged key figures to empower the private sector for growth and collaboration.


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