Med-view Airline Boeing 737-800, registration OM-GEX

MED-VIEW Airline has faulted reports by some online media about its operations stating that the said reports were erroneous and fraught with a lot of falsehood.

In a statement by the Chief Operating Officer, Michael Ajigbotosho, the airline said the four aircraft in its fleet are wholly owned by Medview Airline Plc, and not leased as being reported.

The airline COO further said the airline suspended operations into some of its international routes because two of its aircraft- B767-300ER and B737-500 were out for cabin reconfiguration maintenance and have nothing to do with threats or any debt burden.

In setting the records straight, the aircraft being referred to were acquired at various time from Aercap, and not from Thai Airways, the statement said

He said there was a lot of misinformation about the airline indebtedness to vendors, saying that anyone who wants to know the truth should reach out to the concerned agencies including FAAN amongst others.

The statement said in an ongoing business, it is normal to have agreements with service providers to give line of credit, which is a standard industry practice.

“The suspension of operations into some of our international routes has to do with our two aircraft- B767-300ER for cabin reconfiguration and B737-500 undergoing maintenance. They have nothing to do with threats or any debt burden.”

The statement said as soon as the aircraft return to service, the airline will restore operations to those routes.

“We frown at “Copy and Paste Journalism” and we encourage those who want to reflect the truth to balance their reports by reaching out to us as well as appropriate agencies.


  1. But an airline that has not paid its staff both operational and administrative for the past 3 months cannot be said to without debt but a serious jeopardy to Flight safety.All these politically correct responses are out of date the airline and NCAA should wake up to its responsibilities and stop putting peoples life at risk.An Airline that cannot pay salaries is unsafe period.
    Will it take the loss human lives for the relevant authority to take action


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