REMY Martin, a global name in the Cognac industry and a member of the Comite Colbert, a French Association of Luxury Businesses, recently hosted an exclusive Rémy Martin XO Opulence Revealed experience in Lagos for Nigerian dignitaries.

Leading this interactive was Stephen Jimba, Nigerian Rémy Martin XO Brand Ambassador. Jimba took guests on a quintessential sensory journey through their memories; memories evoked by the special tasting notes of XOXO.

A night to remember at the XO Centaur Lounge

Uti Nwachukwu, the famous Big Brother Africa Season 5 winner, along with other celebrities joined Jimba at the XO Centaur Lounge, an exclusive membership club in Lagos for the exclusive experience. Upon entering guests were introduced to the finer tasting notes of XO via a beautifully curated table covered in the flowers, spices and foods.

Designed to stimulate the senses, the Opulence Revealed experience allowed guests to discover a deeper understanding and appreciation of the finer points of Rémy Martin XO cognac through an exploration of textures, flavours and aromas. Once savoured, one glass is never enough.

The tasting brings to life the intrinsic story of Rémy Martin and XO in an immersive experience through an opulent spread of flavours and delicacies. Guests were treated to a magnificent table revealing the many layers of the XO flavour profile. Decadent chocolate truffles, Parmesan cheese, dried apricots and figs, pistachio cake, walnuts, spices and fruits as well as an array of Jasmine, Iris and Rose flowers. Guests were encouraged to sample and taste these aromas throughout the session.

According to Jimba, “The Rémy Martin XO Opulence Revealed tasting is an exceptional invitation to reveal your inner talents of appreciating the variety of flavours and richness of aromas discovered in a glass of Rémy Martin XO”.

Nwachukwu enthused; “I am a lover of the Rémy Martin brand over the years, but this experience has definitely increased my love for the brand as I can feel my taste senses come alive beyond imagination”.

A commitment to excellence throughout time

Xavier Carbonel, Rémy Cointreau Country Manager Nigeria says that; “At Rémy Martin we distil only superior, premium cognac that gives your taste buds the unrivalled experience from the past through to the present. This is the history that keeps Rémy Martin on top. ​

We look forward to sharing this opulent Rémy Martin XO experience with many more guests who share the same appreciation for excellence in Nigeria”.


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