Popoola vows to rejuvenate NUATE, pledges progressive approach


In a bid to restore workers’ confidence, Comrade Lanre Popoola plans an assertive campaign to enrol members back into NUATE.

During a discussion with journalists in Lagos, Popoola acknowledged workers’ disinterest in current leaders, emphasizing the need for change.

Transitioning from traditional approaches, Popoola expressed, “The era of table-banging and intimidation is over. We aim for collaboration with management.”

He emphasized the importance of partnership with aviation agencies for the sector’s progress, rejecting actions that may harm the industry.

Popoola outlined his strategy, intending to assemble an experienced team and revitalize NUATE’s secretariat by grooming young leaders.

Addressing the long-overdue review of the recently released condition of service, Popoola commits to a continuous evaluation. He highlighted its nine-year delay.

Stressing the need for proactive union leadership, he said, “Considering the length of time, nine years is quite a long time.”

Popoola calls on workers to vote for him in the upcoming NUATE election in Benin, seeking a chance to move the union forward.


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