Dana Air refunds
Dana Air's Boeing 737 5N-DNA

[dropcap]P[/dropcap]assengers onboard Dana Air praised the airline’s pilots for initiating a go- around in Abuja due bad weather.

In aviation, a go-around is an aborted aircraft landing that is on final approach or has already touched down. 

It is a safety procedure that can either be initiated by the pilot  or requested by air traffic control for sundry reasons.

Captain Abiodun Lawal and First Officer Toluwase Oluwani operated Dana flight 9J355 from Lagos to Abuja with over 140 passengers.

The pilots on approach noticed that conditions for landing were not good enough and resulted to initiate the safety procedure.

A trending video showed passengers taking snapshots and recordings elated passengers  with the captain and his first officer.

Some thanked them for their situational awareness and regard for high safety standards.

Others were grateful for the constant reassurances  from the cockpit through the duration of of the go- around.

Captain Abiodun Lawal said,”upon approaching the Abuja runway, the visibility was poor due bad weather and we had to initiate a go-around. 

Reacting the airline said it is committed to the safety of its passengers and crew and pledged to keep flying according to safety standards.

Dana Air recently recruited and trained over 20 Nigerian pilots. It reassured the flying public of its high safety standards, commitment to human capacity development and industry growth.


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