Nuhu Advocates for SAATM in Support of ACfTA Implementation

Nuhu Advocates for SAATM
DGCA, Captain Musa Nuhu at the 24th Yamoussoukro Decision Day Event themed "African Wants to Fly" with others of his peer

Captain Musa Nuhu asserts, “SAATM is a catalyst for the successful implementation of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (ACfTA).”

Highlighting Nigeria’s commitment, Nuhu affirms ongoing support for air transport liberalization in Africa and the signed SAATM-PIP commitment.

Nuhu at the 24th Yamoussoukro Decision event highlighted how the YD Week inspires states to join SAATM for swift implementation.

Adefunke Adeyemi, Secretary General of the African Civil Aviation Commission, refuted claims about SAATM’s standardization.

Adeyemi, refuting claims, cites SAATM’s progress. She emphasizes, “I’m pleased to inform you of significant progress with the SAATM-Pilot Implementation Project (PIP).”

She underscores the workshop’s timely contribution to enhancing air connectivity, fostering economic growth, job creation, investment, and innovation in Africa.



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